Comments - Auction Records: 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Published: Aug 22, 2011
Description: When we think of high priced auctions, we usually see expected price tags of $4 million or even $8 million, but a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa shattered all the previous expectations with a record set...
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Ryan Holliday Aug 23, 2011
Obviously way too crazy of a price. I guess money can buy happiness
Rollie Olson Aug 22, 2011
Sweet little ride. Not worth the price tag but I would take it
Description: The Testa Rossa seen in these photos was also the first in a long series of race-winning "red-hed" designs that continued into the early 1960s. There were several factors that made the Testa...
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Description: The second factor is that the Testa Rossa has a well-documented ownership and is certified by Ferrari's Classiche department for authenticity. This extremely rare Testa Rossa truly sets the bench...
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Clayton Corley Oct 01, 2011
Hmmm. Maybe cuz it cAme from Italy .lol
Eddie Harper Aug 22, 2011
Looks straight from Italy.
Eddie Filipovic Aug 22, 2011
Love the look of that engine.
Nate Hyburg Aug 22, 2011
For those who are hating on the car for its price should look into how the car's history plays into what the buyer paid. It's a magnificent piece and the history along with it is one-of-a-kind
Blake Mankin Aug 22, 2011
If I had the money I'd forsure buy that
Chris Hudson Aug 22, 2011
Doesn't look like it's worth 16 mil
William Forgham Aug 22, 2011
It looks great, but it also looks horrible.
Michael Davidson Aug 23, 2011
Looks mean from this view