Comments - Parade of Cadies Sets New Guinness Record

Published: Aug 21, 2011
Description: Imagine a road full of Cadillacs, 298 of them to be exact. You would think you're either hallucinating or looking at the new Guinness Record for most Caddies in one single parade. The record was ...
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Derek Hedtke Aug 21, 2011
Why wouldn't they just get two more for 300
Jason Maust Aug 21, 2011
You can read an article on a parade of 300 Caddies but totally miss over a thousand Jeeps hitting downtown Butler, Pa at the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival
Quinn Conner Aug 21, 2011
Kind of an oxy moron. 300 cadillacs in one place to help the flower industry?
Description: Barton, Vermont is also the hometown of Cadillac and Lincoln founder Henry Leland. The parade featured a wide range of Cadillac models built over the years. From the vintage Eldorado of the 1960'...
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Mike Renaut Jan 16, 2013
Want to do something about pollution? Keep an old car on the road in excellent condition. Building new cars causes far more pollution. Old cars also put money back into the local economy when spare parts are purchased locally.
Dylan Bures Aug 22, 2011
Accident up ahead. Oh great now you you have a 298 car line waiting to get around.
Robby Bradford Aug 21, 2011
Anybody driving on this must be pissed off at this. Carmageddon
Robby Bradford Aug 21, 2011
@Josh I was laughing when I read what he said too. But he did say pollutant not CO2
Josh Sutton Aug 21, 2011
Nevermind that grass takes in CO2 and adding it helps all plants grow better....
Jonathan Cano Aug 21, 2011
Quinn, those cars were gonna get driven anyways what difference does it make whether they're together or not?
Quinn Conner Aug 21, 2011
All that pollutant and you can see the grass dying as they pass
Peter Bruschi Aug 22, 2011
in a pink caddy no less
Jason Dannheim Aug 21, 2011
It's all about that Series 62.