Comments - Unique of the Week: 1971 AC 428 Frua Fastback

Published: Aug 20, 2011
Description: Now this is something you don't see every day whether on eBay or anywhere else. This extremely rare 1971 AC 428 Frua Fastback has just been listed on the auction site.

For those who aren&...
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Emmanuel R Didier Nov 14, 2011
Please see CF62 on AC owner club UK web site
Emmanuel R Didier Aug 22, 2011
CF62 was originally silver and was nearly demolished in the late 70's. It is not owned by the original owner. Stay away from that one!
Description: They were then brought back to the U.K. to have the engine and trim added. All told, only 81 cars were built, with just 49 of them being coupes (the remaining ones were convertibles). They were powere...
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Description: The only major technical issue with them was the fact that the big block engine had a tendency to overheat the cabin. Fortunately, this can now be fixed using modern insulation methods.

The ri...
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Rueben J Yslas Aug 21, 2011
Def no problems with blind spots lol
Luke Bailey Aug 20, 2011
thought it was good looking till i saw the back....
Darren Nardo Aug 20, 2011
Looks like a British Bristol!
Joshua Trillizio Aug 20, 2011
You would be totally screwed if you needed any kind of body parts or trim pieces
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 20, 2011
The back looks like a datsun 240 z
Eric Henning Aug 20, 2011
Wow that is one car I'd like to own
Greg Lewis Aug 21, 2011
Those shudders are so unique!
Carlos Charles Aug 21, 2011
The gear packs quite a punch.