Comments - Lotus Releases the Evora GTE Road Car Concept

Published: Aug 19, 2011
Description: The Lotus Evora GTE road-ready concept has just debuted at the Monterey Jet Center in Pebble Beach. The car was unveiled at the McCall's Motorworks Revival event. The concept is based on the Evor...
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Brad Hickey Aug 20, 2011
Wait, the head of mansory is a rapper?That explains everything.
Jason Brower Aug 20, 2011
Also swizzbeats (the rapper) is vp of marketing. He won't be anywhere near the car design. Thankfully
Nico Morelli Aug 19, 2011
The engine is actually a detuned version of their supercharged racing v-6 not a 4 cylinder
Quinn Conner Aug 19, 2011
Oh yeah because I'm sure they planned and built this car in the two week timespan of the "reign of the rapper".
Chris Penza Aug 19, 2011
See the rapper didn't screw it up after all
Luis A Villalpando Aug 19, 2011
420hp+Evora=FUN IF you know how to use that power.
Michael Davidson Aug 19, 2011
Damn!!! That's a lot of power for that car
Description: The engine is coupled with a sequential AMT transmission. The GTE road car sits on a set of 'ultra' lightweight forged racing wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires. Lotus will keep th...
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Aidan Bate-Smith Aug 19, 2011
Lights look much better than the old one
Aldo Torres Aug 19, 2011
This car is just gorgeous!
Michael Palazzo Aug 19, 2011
that looks great, love the LED's
Peter Bruschi Aug 20, 2011
it needed the spoiler, but i wudda picked a different 1... tht 1 reminds me of the big 1s on the chevy colbalts
Albert Jaramillo Aug 19, 2011
I like the paint job with the reverse stripes
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 19, 2011
Spoiler is fantastic. This is one of the few small go-cart like sports cars I like. The paint job is great. Lights are neat. I'm lovin' it.
Joey Beckham Aug 19, 2011
I think he was talking about the pagani sign.
Shane Carroll Aug 19, 2011
Just a regular spoiler would have been fine. Looks good though
Luis A Villalpando Aug 19, 2011
@Kent... Agreed, that spoiler takes away from the overall look of the car
Kent Sullivan Aug 19, 2011
Stripes yes. Spoiler no.
Michael Davidson Aug 19, 2011
I think the stripes and spoiler actually look pretty cool
Bert Kelly-Johnston Aug 19, 2011
Isn't the blue one the current production car? Looks refined compared to all the stripes & spoiler.
Connor Smyth-Hammond Aug 19, 2011
No offense to lotus but i'm more interested in what's behind their cars in this shot
Zimran Collier Aug 19, 2011
Kinda looks like the Ferrari 599 GTO
Chris Penza Aug 19, 2011
Spoiler doesn't look too bad from the back. And the rest is just awesome
Buddy Robinson Aug 20, 2011
Um, anyone see the Enzo up left?
Edith Wharton Aug 20, 2011
I really like how lotus is written. And the car in the top left is really cool. Looks like chrome
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
i only see two tail lights man... and two reversing lights
Luke Bailey Aug 19, 2011
do u mean taillights? and a stock evora only has single taillights
Joel Hayes Aug 19, 2011
Loses the twin headlights
Mike Ulickey Aug 19, 2011
Think he means till you read and realize it's a lotus. Beautiful car.
Patrick Crompton Aug 19, 2011
What's so bad about the badge ?
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 19, 2011
Yes!!! Untill you read the big badge
Cohen Raphael Aug 19, 2011
Looks like a ferrari from the back.
Luke Bailey Aug 19, 2011
10% of mansorys cars are good lookin, the other 90% is straight garbage....
Patrick Crompton Aug 19, 2011
Why's everyone so worked up about the wing, it looks ace ?!?!!?
Shane Carroll Aug 19, 2011
@Micheal that may be true but to me what they did to the SLR McLaren is unforgivable
Anthony J. Mitchell Aug 19, 2011
@ carter. It is probably weird because it is not a spoiler, it is a wing.
Michael Palazzo Aug 19, 2011
that's not true, seriously go to their website, they have incredible cars, I also know someone with a Mansory Bentley and it is fantastic
Kent Sullivan Aug 19, 2011
Everything from mansory is weird
Buddy Robinson Aug 20, 2011
Jason, that's a supercharger and had you knowledge about forced induction you would know that it's a potent combo in such a light car.
Jason Brower Aug 20, 2011
Tiny turbo on a small displacement engine: no power.
Kyle Bohne Aug 20, 2011
u can turbo what ever u want just dont throw a big ass turbo and boom no lag!
Luke Walker Aug 20, 2011
Turbo wudnt work in such an agile little car. Hammer throu the corner n put ur foot down..... Waiting..... Waiting..... Waiting..... Oh there it is.
Trevor Bodi Aug 19, 2011
Why? Turbo = lag Supercharger = instant power
Jon Giacchi Aug 19, 2011
Should have been turbo..
Michael Palazzo Aug 19, 2011
and there is the supercharger