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Published: Aug 19, 2011
Description: Careful Cadillac, we've been hurt before. Having stood next to the old Sixteen concept and gazed upon it with awe, I know that Cadillac is capable of making amazing cars. Cadillac teased us for y...
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Sydney Ojeda Fuensalida Jun 09, 2013
EnChile tengo doce cadillacs desde1946, en mi museo,entre otros,but with the Ciel I think I can reach Heaven !! Congratulations.....
Kalven Bonin Oct 18, 2011
If you are dumb enough to leave 10k in a car with no top...then you deserve to lose it.
Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2011
why would u do that? and its supposed to be a convertible but i have been able to find a pic with the top up
Andy Kleschick Aug 20, 2011
Ok. So my biggest question is, what happens if you decide to park it in a parking lot, with an open bag full of $10,000? Or something to that effect
Thomas Opie Taylor Aug 19, 2011
This will make a dodge guy by a caddy for real
Shane Carroll Aug 19, 2011
The Sixteen was amazing
Description: It's called the Ciel, which is French for "sky", and it is probably the most elegant design to come out of Cadillac since the 2003 Sixteen. The Ciel is a four-door convertible which Cad...
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Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2011
its a French brand founded in America kinda like corona being invented by two German dudes
Pierre E Jean Aug 19, 2011
Also read that in a magazine : The "Ciel" features a body color Cabernet, "inspired by the dress of a red wine viewed through the sunlight." The stage is set. The American brand is inspired by good manners at the French ...
Franklin Lopez Apr 14, 2012
Nothing brings out the truth of "Best of all.. it's a Cadillac" like this potential flagship for the "Standard bearer of the world"
Tem Porary Nov 26, 2011
WTF is wrong with Caddy that they don't build cars like this and the sixteen. These guys don't know their market and got dumb lucky resurecting the brand with the Escalade
Jack Jones Sep 09, 2011
Modern car with classic styling me likey
Mark Suvorov Sep 08, 2011
Best car for hangover 3
Patrick Schalk Aug 21, 2011
This thing is AWESOME. I'd rock this. Please don't let us down Cadillac.
Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2011
its not that long they said a foot longer than the v which is a pretty small sedan
Andy Kleschick Aug 20, 2011
In my opinion, that just looks way too long to actually go to production. I think they need to drop two of the doors and it would look better
Mike Hawk Aug 20, 2011
Depending on the nude models, John, I think we can keep a couple. Hair & teeth need to be real and present...if the breastessess look good, fake is ok. I miss the big hair glam rock days. The Ciel would've fit in just right in a rock video
Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2011
it needs a hood ornament...
Kolby Hurt Aug 20, 2011
I love it, but I wonder if it will actually be produced because of the complications of a large 4 door convertible. The technology to do this, along with the way the doors open would make it complicated. It would likely have normal doors...
Mike Hawk Aug 19, 2011
So far I love it. I just hope those goddamn rappists dont use it on their videos. That would just ruin it for me. You know...ghetto-fying this car. I propose: lets hang anyone who ghettofies this car!
Ben 'Jammin Peters Aug 19, 2011
I think this car is gorgeous. It goes well with the new camaro/challenger/mustang/corvette.
Mike Hawk Aug 19, 2011
I'm sure if you saw it in person, you'd have a solid decision. You'll either love it or hate it. ( no room for in-between "liking") I'll wait for the LA carshow to come up.
Kenneth Williams Aug 19, 2011
I like it in a retro sort of way. Wouldn't drive it though
Kenneth Williams Aug 19, 2011
Think of the old caddies... Length means nothing to them
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
ugly no impractical defiantly but look what it did for bently and RR big semiattractive completely over the top luxury..... at least this looks good
Gary Howard Aug 19, 2011
Definitely brings back the boat sized cati
Buddy Robinson Aug 19, 2011
Awesome, yes. Beautiful, no.
Ahmed Hanif Aug 19, 2011
I don't see anyone but Americans buying this car.. I'm sorry but this looks ugly and impractical..
Tobias Mersinger Aug 19, 2011
I never liked american cars but this thing is beautiful!
Ron Vinson Aug 19, 2011
Wow! Go Caddy! Classic and original!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 19, 2011
American Luxury, that.
Adam Lopinsky Aug 19, 2011
Fantastic. Don't let us down caddy!
Stephen Ishard Aug 19, 2011
Greatness gas been achieved
Jason Dannheim Aug 19, 2011
Bold and brash, just like the Cadillacs of old. I'm in love with this masterpiece. If they would actually put this, the Sixteen flagship, and the Cien supercar into production. Then Cadillac would truly become "The Standard of the World" once more.
Brandon Lee Aventador Aug 19, 2011
I have gotta to say this beauty is a mixture of lowrider X roll royce drophead feel. ;) Awesome looking ride.
Axel Cousins Aug 19, 2011
Looks like a Rolls Royce Phantom drop head. How it has the two full size rows and it is a convertible. I like it a lot I hope it goes into production.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Aug 19, 2011
It does look like a boat, it's huge
Todd Randall Aug 19, 2011
the rear of this car looks gorgeous but the front just looks like a more upright xlr, and that was crap
William Forgham Aug 19, 2011
What about the Cien? It looked better then this, which just looks like the Bentley.
Nick Benz Aug 19, 2011
The front tail lights are the same as the rear. Its actually good though. This has to be put into production.
Greg Lewis Aug 19, 2011
I like it, yet I don't. Provokes emotion. Good job caddy!
Description: The Ciel is certainly large, its 125-inch wheelbase is a full foot longer than that of the CTS. This hulking mass sits on 22-inch wheels, probably a necessity, as anything smaller would look dispropor...
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Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
thats actually the greatest idea so far, turbo diesel land yhat flyest lookin ride iv seen in a while
Thomas Opie Taylor Aug 19, 2011
How about a 350hp Diesal with 700 lbs to move it
Mike Hawk Aug 19, 2011
This car can easily fit the LS. But that would completely defeat the purpose of why this car was built.
Kenneth Williams Aug 19, 2011
CTS-V has LS engine too.
Scott Gracey Aug 19, 2011
Surprised it doesn't have cts-v , or LS engine from corvette
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
northstar v12 from the cien and sixteen should be the power plant of this masterpiece then it would be perfect
Shane Carroll Aug 19, 2011
I would have guessed at least a V8, if not a V10 or V12.
Stephen Ishard Aug 19, 2011
Has to have a v8 option
Luis A Villalpando Aug 19, 2011
I would have expected a V8 as well
Bert Kelly-Johnston Aug 19, 2011
Interesting choice of engine rather than a V8. See if the car morphs into anything.
Description: When the sun goes down and there's a chill to the air, there are retractable blankets to keep all three passengers warm. There are even aromatherapy controls in the armrests, although we think th...
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Thomas Opie Taylor Aug 19, 2011
Solar powered night lights
Chris Penza Aug 19, 2011
Forget the snuggie! Now you can have built in blankets in the car!
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 19, 2011
Retractable blankets???
Description: Cadillac has also provided a promotional video about the Ciel. Enjoy.
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Trent Griffin Feb 19, 2012
Punks.....I dare you to build it PUNKS!
Darren Nardo Aug 20, 2011
Looks like a retro 70s Eldo. Pretty cool!!!
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
haha yea just sell it then caddy will be back on top throe the cien out there just to cover all the bases and its game over
Mike Hawk Aug 19, 2011
What's bently? Rolls, who? Mayb...
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
yea not performance not races just driving... its beautiful
Mason Christopher Thomas Aug 19, 2011
The rear deal is huge
Dylan Bruder Aug 19, 2011
A car made for driving finally
Stephen Ishard Aug 19, 2011
I don't like the dash but will every. Ciel be made by hand or just the first couple concept cars
Sydney Ojeda Fuensalida Jun 09, 2013
I think I can reach Heaven with all my family with the four doors,but you dont tell us hoy much money y must pay?
Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2011
real men use more formal facilities for such activities this isn't for teens boy
Taylor Stromgren Aug 20, 2011
Looks like a mafia car. Way to little horsepower for it's size though, it's a straight slug
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
it looks amazing... but so did the cien and the sixteen, its to good to be true everyone knows that by now
Thomas Opie Taylor Aug 19, 2011
If they don't build it something is wrong with the world
Raphael Jackfile Ajon Aug 19, 2011
And them suiside doors, harikari, all jokes aside, beautiful car
Mike Hawk Aug 19, 2011
This is a MAN'S convertible!!!! Finally! It's been a long ass time since we had one.
Christian Candler Aug 19, 2011
I am very impressed with cadillac, this looks great
Ivan Reynolds Aug 19, 2011
Beautiful' If you live it in the sun haha imagine '
Greg Lewis Aug 19, 2011
Love the idea of the interior, but doubt it will be anything like it if it see's the light of day...
Stephen Cobbs Aug 19, 2011
Goin back to the old school big caddys. Just no bullet lights.
Trent Griffin Feb 19, 2012
I hate gm for not building it....ef em
Mike Magix Oct 21, 2011
At last a new Cadillac to rival the Eldorado of old!
Kyle Bohne Aug 20, 2011
looks crazy in this pic. very RETRO!
Ben 'Jammin Peters Aug 19, 2011
Reminds me of a thunderbird
Mike Hawk Aug 19, 2011
If Johnny Cash were still alive today...
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
integrated exhaust... classic caddy
Luis A Villalpando Aug 19, 2011
The taillights look like a more modern version of the sixteen with the exhaust attached.
Ahmed Mohamed Al Shorouqi Jun 30, 2012
Please make this car Cadillac
Evan Thicke May 31, 2012
Beautiful interrior, love the doors. Thats inovation for convertibles everywhere
Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2011
honest could use a little less purple... important gettin to much of a halo elite feel from it
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
lets just all bombard gm with e-mails until it happens picket caddy at the hq the whole 9 yards
Matthew Salguero Aug 19, 2011
It's looks very possible; with today's technology? I'm excited
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 19, 2011
Who knows it might be a nice transformer one day
Greg Lewis Aug 19, 2011
But no bench backseat? It's not a single mans car then! Lol
Alex Corkum Apr 19, 2012
I like it a lot. This car really brings back the big old boats.
Thomas Opie Taylor Nov 30, 2011
And now GM what's it gonna be build it or not , in a year Mercadees will have a 4 door convertible Better step up real fast
Gilles Roche Aug 19, 2011
in '59 there was an eldorado four door convertible before the continental
Dennis A. Glover Aug 19, 2011
Not since the '64 Lincoln Continental has there been an elegant 4 door convertible. I am not a Caddy fan, but I would buy this if they do not stray far from this. Leave out the gimics thou.
Nick Benz Aug 19, 2011
The windsheild is straight up awesome. So simple
Don Urgo Jr. Aug 19, 2011
This is just great. I hope they make it
Rodrigo Fernandez Apr 24, 2012
This is the sixteen not the ciel but i think the ciel is the reliving of the car that never happened the sixteen
Mr.philly215 Jan 01, 2012
Still a hot design. Perfect car to have in ya dream garage with the Meaback Coupe.
Donal Romano Oct 03, 2011
All I need is a metal shop and I'd make it myself!
Brahim Gudah Sep 07, 2011
I think if they made this now with or without the v16 it would sell such a beautiful car it looks even better now that we r more accustomed to cadillacs new designs... Even without a v16 just about any current LS v8 would work
Phillip Greene Aug 19, 2011
yea but think about seeing this in 03 itd blow your mind bro even now its still hot
Thomas Opie Taylor Aug 19, 2011
Looks like a 6 instead of a sixteen
Dave Durkee Aug 19, 2011
Cmon guys, it says sixteen right on the side
Anthony Isola Aug 19, 2011
This is nice but I'd still prefer the cien
Quinn Conner Aug 19, 2011
Yes this is the sixteen, yes you fail at reading articles once again
Adam Lopinsky Aug 19, 2011
Still sad we never got this one.
Chris Penza Aug 19, 2011
Is this the sixteen?