Comments - Motorcycles to Motorcars: Kawasaki ZX-770R Concept

Published: Aug 18, 2011
Description: Austrian firm KTM came out with their X-Bow last year, showing that it is possible for a motorcycle company to create a powerful sportscar. The KTM X-Bow R model was powered by an Audi-sourced 2.0-lit...
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Kent Sullivan Aug 18, 2011
770bhp in something the size and weight of a x-bow sounds like a lot of screeching tires and twisted metal
Anthony Noon Aug 18, 2011
If it's the same size ad the xbow 700hp seems like to much to me.
Description: Having previously designed the Aston Martin AMV12 concept, he was inspired by KTM's work on the X-Bow and created the ZX-770R for Kawasaki. It is bigger than the X-Bow but also much more powerful...
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Caleb Lochridge Aug 18, 2011
I would like to see this thing go against the Atom 500 with two good drivers.
Phillip Greene Aug 18, 2011
the vyron is a peace bro the venom and the ultimate aero eat its lunch
Kevin Rehbock Aug 18, 2011
I wonder how this would stack up against the Atom 500.
Taylor Holloway Aug 18, 2011
Looks like this hot wheel I used to have
Jason Brower Aug 18, 2011
@Corey, what makes it not street legal? If anything it's more likely to be legal than an atom, at least this has doors and a roof.
Kent Sullivan Aug 18, 2011
If you were rich you'd buy out Kawasaki? If you were rich you still couldn't afford that
Bilal Saeed Aug 18, 2011
This looks like street legal... If I was rich, I would buy the company or at least the designs for mass production!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 18, 2011
Yes, Matt, that's exactly what I was implying.
Matt Robbins Aug 18, 2011
What's wrong with it looking like a Hot Wheels car? Some of the best cars in the world fit that bill perfectly. Better than it looking like a Honda Civic or EV
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 18, 2011
Hey. You know Paganis and Koenigseggs look like Hotwheels as well. Admit it right now.
Jon Giacchi Aug 18, 2011
Please Kawasaki produce this incredible hot wheels machine!
Daniel Gil Aug 18, 2011
What is this!? Looks like a hot wheels!
Leo Castillo Mar 21, 2012
If Xbox was a car this would be it
Kent Sullivan Aug 19, 2011
Batman drives an Aventador
Nicolas Blake Mullen Aug 18, 2011
this is what Batman would
Shane Gardner Aug 18, 2011
Nice defuser, McLaren much?
Kent Sullivan Aug 18, 2011
That wouldn't be legal if they're trying to bring it too the streets
Bilal Saeed Aug 18, 2011
Please tell me that whit box isn't the reverse/tail lights in any way what so ever!
Maximilian Voigt Aug 18, 2011
It looks a Little Bit like the mcLaren Mp4-12c with the Lines at back