Description: Last week we reported about Galpin Auto Sport's bespoke wide-body Mustang that's taken inspiration from the 1969 Mustang Boss 429. And now, live pictures courtesy from the guys over at Musta...
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Description: Remaining remarkably close to the sketches, it features a hand-built steel widebody kit that has been finished in Candy Apple Red Pearl PPG paint. Under the hood lies a 5.0-liter V8 that's been f...
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Danny Scott Aug 18, 2011
Still gonna have a hard time hookin all that power... The car was designed for 400 hp. Not 700
Morgan Dame Aug 18, 2011
The hp doesn't do much since its steal
Danny Scott Aug 18, 2011
Too much hp added with out adding wider tires or possibly a high performance differential. Seems pointless...
Jason Brower Aug 18, 2011
We know it's just the body kit, but why? CFRP would be way lighter, even if it was more expensive,
Bryan Bohling Aug 18, 2011
It's just the body kit that's steel
Phillip Fitchew Aug 18, 2011
I was thinking the same thing. Why would you do that? Durability, maybe?
Jason Dykhoff Aug 18, 2011
That must be heavy as hell if it's steel
CARS4LIFE82 Jan 07, 2012
this car is the car of my dream its almost perfect
Zack Zalud Aug 19, 2011
Never have liked the high intensity headlights
Brendan Kinzler Aug 18, 2011
The front looks like an angry rhino
Patrick Schalk Aug 21, 2011
Nix the widebody kit and it would look way better. I like how the back side windows are gone and the hood looks good. The fenders kill it though. And yeah I would definitely change the rims and put something more than rubberbands on the wheels
Jared Palmer Aug 20, 2011
Looks like Chicco hooked it up to match his truck, every aftermarket pc. He could find at Pepboys
Kenneth Williams Aug 19, 2011
The fronts don't fill the well good. That's why I don't like the front. The rear wheels aren't that bad. I think it's the thin sidewall/big rim combo that takes away from the looks.
Jhoan Koolin Delima Aug 19, 2011
If the rims were blacked out or gunmetal, it would look a lot better
Chris Penza Aug 19, 2011
Those rims have to go. What are they 23's?
Josh Sutton Aug 19, 2011
I saw rims like these on a Camaro once...disgusting.
Kyle Nistler Aug 19, 2011
And no the would not look that good on an import
Kyle Nistler Aug 19, 2011
@Brandon Honestly the rims don't go with the car, but you can take you unruly remarks elsewhere.
Luke Bailey Aug 18, 2011
looks nothing like a 69 boss 429....
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 18, 2011
Looks weird without the back-side window
Derek Hedtke Aug 18, 2011
This is one mustang I like
Shane Carroll Aug 18, 2011
I like it. Rims are just ok, I'd probably change em
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 18, 2011
Impressive performance. But nice rims, not so nice body kit.
Michael Ioia Aug 18, 2011
Maybe the scoops work and they cooling for the rear brakes. If it's just for looks they yes ugly. If they work, NICE!
Michael Ioia Aug 18, 2011
The tires are fine. They come to the inner edge of the fenders. Anything more and they'll rub like crazy and risk cutting down a tire. The rims are ok, wouldn't be my first choice but I've seen worse.
Pavel Kleymenov Aug 18, 2011
Those rims don't look good and I think it needs wider tires since it has a wider body.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 18, 2011
I think that the intake just behind the door kill the car!!!
Kenneth Williams Aug 19, 2011
Michael and Kevin. It's flush and looks good. They don't need wider tires. They need a bigger sidwall and smaller rims. Not to small though.
Chris Penza Aug 19, 2011
I never liked that little spoiler. It looks even more out of place here
Anthony Villa-Garcia Aug 18, 2011
Um back to the car... The cobra jet is based of the mustang and has wider tires. Im not saying to make them that wide, but they could have added 2-3 more inches to look better with the wide body.
Kevin Watson Aug 18, 2011
If you remove the fender, you see why it can go no wider than it's sitting flush.
Michael Ioia Aug 18, 2011
I'll say it again, they tires are just right. Anything wider and you will get massive rubbing and risk cutting down a tire.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Aug 18, 2011
They always widen the body kit without fixing the wheels >:(
Danny Scott Aug 18, 2011
My toughest exactly Alex... Gonna need to for all the extra hp
Alex Faulkner Aug 18, 2011
Should've tubbed it....going outward was a BAD idea
Emmanuel Irizarry Aug 18, 2011
It looks like a 350 pound woman sitting down
Brett Powers Aug 18, 2011
I think it's the entirely overstated flares that make it look obese. I think they took it a bit too far.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 18, 2011
Somehow it looks morbidly obese rather than muscular. Cars with scoops doesn't look muscular.