Comments - Video: Ken Block Goes Hollywood: Gymkhana 4

Published: Aug 17, 2011
Description: Ken Block is back with his fourth installment of his Gymkhana series. Set in Universal Studios Hollywood, the movie theme plays throughout the piece while he kills attraction after attraction. Block d...
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Description: The Gymkhana series has already amassed over 110 million views on YouTube and the fourth chapter doesn't disappoint. Movies spoofed include Planet of the Apes, Top Gun, Kill Bill and more. Also, ...
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David Varnai Jan 26, 2013
Kind of disappointing compared to the other videos...
Graham Mcbuttsex Dyer Oct 11, 2011
EpicMealTime! This is all my favourite things put together
Cody Hulme Aug 20, 2011
Awesome fiesta commercial
Caleb Lochridge Aug 18, 2011
That was amazing. I wish Ford actually sold the Fiesta like that.
Jacob McCord Aug 17, 2011
Ken got mad skillz bro. I want his fiesta :(
Phillip Greene Aug 17, 2011
yea that was beast... any one who didn't like that is just jealous.... and drives a fwd pos
No Pistons Aug 17, 2011
Didnt he get beat in his own game thingy by tanner foust(sp)
Shane Carroll Aug 17, 2011
@Daniel yes because ANYONE in a 600hp car can do that. The boy has skills, power is nothing without control. Its even more impressive since he has such finesse with all that power
Daniel Ramirez Aug 17, 2011
The new drift king??? Never. Keichii is a BEAST. Look at those output numbers and tell me you're honestly impressed he can drift that. I'd be more impressed if it was severely under powered like tsuchiya has done endless times.
Michael Davidson Aug 17, 2011
People always give him crap about not being a good WRC racer, but he is one awesome drifter
Cody Hotle Aug 17, 2011
Sooooo when can I buy THAT Fiesta?
Shane Carroll Aug 17, 2011
Haha this is freakin amazing. Love the EpicMealTime cameo
Kevin Sieving Aug 17, 2011
Better then all other Movies
Tim Van Leerdam Aug 17, 2011
He's is definetly the best drifter that i know and i love the car too
Jethroll Sarduy Aug 17, 2011
Hail, the new drift king. :)
Eddie Nash Aug 17, 2011
Ken Block is the freaking man... Another great gymkhana!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 17, 2011
I've only known this brilliant man since the Top Gear vid. And I regret that.
Nikolai Brandenhoff Aug 18, 2011
This car shows that these home garage tuners are wasting their time and money