Comments - Rendered: BMW 2-Series

Published: Aug 17, 2011
Description: The BMW 2-Series is set to launch in 2013 as a two-door spin-off of the 1-Series. The 2-Series will sit on the F20 platform and feature some similar styling to the new 1-Series hatchback. The 2-Series...
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Kenneth Williams Aug 17, 2011
I could gave sworn they were discontinuing further production of the 1 and pretty much just making it the 2.
Jared Ramos Aug 17, 2011
Huh? The current 1 series is rear-wheel-drive. The 2 series looks to have a longer wheel base and a lower roof line than the 1 series. BMW does not currently make a fwd vehicle.
Brady Nusbaum Aug 17, 2011
The 1 series is going front wheel drive and this is just the 1 series staying rear wheel as the 2 series
Adam Zarytsky Aug 17, 2011
Wait what? What purpose does this car serve? Isn't the 1-series a coupe too???
Description: Power for the 2-Series in Europe is expected to come in the form of the 1.6-liter TwinPower turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine that puts out 170hp. There will also be a 2.0-liter diesel engine th...
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Jake Videtsky Aug 24, 2011
love the bmw 2 series, very nice m car
Shaun Conroy Aug 18, 2011
It reminds me of a miniature pinscher. It thinks it's as big as the Doberman, but it's not! Ugly little thing.
Mathew Britt Aug 17, 2011
Looks good...if in fact this is what it will look like