Comments - Spied: 2013 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible

Published: Aug 16, 2011
Description: Spotted here at the Nurburgring without any camouflage, Jaguar has made a convertible version of their high-performance XKR-S model. Under the hood sits a supercharged aluminum V8, which puts out 550 ...
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Mike Conrad Aug 16, 2011
Kinda looks like it has a chinstrap
Mitch Pchelarov Aug 16, 2011
Haha true true but the headlights look similar
Mitch Pchelarov Aug 16, 2011
Kinda reminds me of a Mitsubishi Eclipse in the front
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 16, 2011
So, you buy and pay more for a faster xkr buying the xkr-s and then you pay a little more for a car( the cabrio version) that is a little bit slower than a xkr-s ... I'm sorry but i can't see the point