Comments - Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow 2011

Published: Aug 15, 2011
Description: Mercedes-Benz is currently hosting its "Silver Arrow 2011" competition in Argentina, and designers from all over South America are trying their hand in redesigning Juan Manuel Fangio's ...
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Description: The open-top concept racer was designed to maximize driver room and it features quite a large hood. The front-end clearly takes its cues from the W-196, although the concept features a much sleeker de...
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Bert Kelly-Johnston Aug 15, 2011
This is the pick IMO. Don't know that it would do as an SLK, but a brilliant Lotus style lightweight sports.
Spencer Peirce Aug 15, 2011
Wow, this is one beautiful concept. Such a beautiful, fluid design. Would def consider this is if it hit production/I had that money. If only...
Spencer Peirce Aug 15, 2011
Love the taillights too. Beautiful back end. The main reason I love it is because it's a great balance of modern design and futuristic elements. It doesn't look SO futuristic that it seems impossible. Nicely done.
Hayden Hakala Aug 15, 2011
U have to make this Mercedes-Benz!!!!!
Chris Penza Aug 15, 2011
This is pretty cool. It's like a more futuristic slr stifling moss
Kevin Watson Aug 16, 2011
It have that speed racer(Mach 1) look about it. Very nice.
Michael Palazzo Aug 15, 2011
kinda looks like the SLR McLaren Sterling Moss.
Chris Penza Aug 15, 2011
This is too futuristic and it lacks detail