Description: Bugatti is known for producing the world's most incredible and expensive sports cars. As such, an extremely low mileage $3.4 million Veyron Super Sport is now up for sale. Luxury car dealer Tom H...
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Edward Hung Nov 28, 2011
1200hp and 3.4 millions...!?!?
Ahklil Sadiqi Oct 13, 2011
I believe it's the ssc ultimate aero now
Nathaniel Young Sep 15, 2011
Yes it the ss did 267
Caleb Lochridge Aug 16, 2011
He probably wants to sell it cuz the Veyron is no longer the fastest production car anymore
Andy Kleschick Aug 15, 2011
I could see batman driving this up to a party in any future movie.
Jason Brower Aug 15, 2011
Yeah, that looks like the outline of a euro plate. An American plate would look terrible in that spot though
Tyler Cullen Aug 14, 2011
What exactly is that below the left headlight?
Ben 'Jammin Peters Aug 14, 2011
Black is the colour. The first word that came to mind? WOW (in bold)
Bilal Saeed Aug 14, 2011
Black on matte black..... Not really!
Alex Klemstein Aug 14, 2011
That color combination is one of the best I've seen imo. It's neat how the flat black doesn't reflect anything, but than you get that gloss black in there that does the exact opposite.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Aug 14, 2011
This car will only go up in price. Dame thing happened with the enzo. These are things that will become classics
Rory Scanlan Aug 14, 2011
This would be the best car in the world to just drive around in(if gas was cheap) it's got so much power but the ride is still so smooth it's worth it's price for sure
Danny Scott Aug 14, 2011
Still way overpriced! It's just a car..
Chris Oliver Aug 14, 2011
Thing about this is the Veyron is the pinnacle if performance AND luxury. It's not just about going fast, there's a whole style and artistic factor as well
Dustin Isaiah Charles Kingsbury Aug 14, 2011
This is a collectors item. In a decade, it will be worth much more then that 3.4 million he spent
Tom Semsky Aug 14, 2011
How so Gregory? The vector wx3 is no longer made, doesn't mean it's worth the price.
Gregory Lanham Aug 14, 2011
Trust me it's worth it because they stopped making them
Kevin Watson Aug 14, 2011
Not even worth it, I can buy one and a mansion.
Description: Hartley's dealership also has a history of selling Veyron's, as he once sold a Veyron Grand Sport convertible for a "bargain" price of $2.3 million. This particular Veyron Super Sp...
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Description: The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport delivers a jaw-dropping and very incredible output of 1,200hp, up nearly 199hp from the standard model with a maximum torque of an unearthly 1,106 lb-ft. Top speed...
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Ryan Oliver Magno Aquino Feb 16, 2012
It's just a car. Don't buy very expensive car they said (it's better to be a poor than a rich) Look's like you have a contest that who will be the greatest car will won.
Jason Brower Aug 15, 2011
It's true you can get a 4g63 to make almost twice that much power with a single turbo, but the stress on the engine is huge. I'm sure this engine was built so it barely ever strained the parts and was always smooth. The luxury aspect needed that.
Phillip Greene Aug 14, 2011
i know its sad all that r&d and thats all they got out of four turbos and 16 cylinders...
Ken Madison Aug 14, 2011
With 4 turbos and 8 liters....
Caleb Lochridge Aug 16, 2011
Just live in a state where you don't need the front plate.
Jason Brower Aug 15, 2011
@Taylor that's a euro plate holder, Not American.
Taylor Holloway Aug 14, 2011
I think that's it below the left headlight?
Eddie Harper Aug 14, 2011
Who needs license plates when your going 250+
Phillip Greene Aug 14, 2011
um yea its called the windshield bro
Alex Klemstein Aug 14, 2011
Does it come with an American license plate holder?
Rory Scanlan Aug 14, 2011
Change the orange and it's the best looking veyron I've seen the matte paint really looks good on here
Marlon X. Garcia Aug 14, 2011
It's nice but where can you cruse with only 3mph gas tank lol
Daniel Finstad Aug 14, 2011
I don't like how they changed the intakes on top from the regular 16.4..
Alex Cameron Aug 14, 2011
This car looks nice here for once!
Caleb Lochridge Aug 16, 2011
This is the best color scheme on a veyron
Taylor Anders Aug 14, 2011
I love this color on the bugatti
Roberto Arteaga Aug 14, 2011
Matte black and gloss black, two tone?
Edith Wharton Aug 14, 2011
I like the wheels but must agree that the bugatti would look better with two tone color
Kevin Watson Aug 14, 2011
It don't look right with this paint.
Taylor J. Blake Aug 14, 2011
No to what? That's how they are made
Andy Kelly Nov 09, 2011
I like it. Dream car.
Bob Jones Nov 05, 2011
How does it only go like 260 with that engine 2 v8's and most of it's competitors get that power from one!
Caleb Lochridge Aug 16, 2011
The interior should be black, a mix of raw carbon fiber, and hints of orange such as stitching
Dick Purdue Aug 16, 2011
Why would someone do this to such an elegant machine? Must be a UT alum
Matthew Leon Aug 15, 2011
Bugatti insides don't even match the color of the car
Chris Oliver Aug 15, 2011
I'd be too afraid I'd get the floor mats dirty
Tyler Cullen Aug 15, 2011
Orange and black are a good combo... In moderation. This guy ruined this godly machine. If it was black with orange highlights it would be incredible.
Luke Walker Aug 14, 2011
Imagine facing this the morning after a big night. Hope it comes with dark sunnies.
Taylor J. Blake Aug 14, 2011
Welcome to the inside of the sun....
Jonathan Harper Aug 14, 2011
I can't believe that he paid extra for orange of all colors
Daniel Lay Aug 14, 2011
Pinnacle of performance yes. Luxury... Hell no that is one ugly duck
Chris Dimattia Aug 14, 2011
They should call it the Orange Julius edition.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 14, 2011
@Lanza - Maybe if the billionaire didn't like the interior he could just have it redone. But it's 3.4 mil, so even if he could afford it, it doesn't mean he would. He could just buy an Aventador or a McLaren with better interior if he wanted fast.
Peter O'Sullivan Aug 14, 2011
Hmm, this appears to be a 'Sang Noir' special edition according to the writing on the transmission tunnel. Probably why it's more expensive than normal.
Mike Lanza Aug 14, 2011
@Amir - someone with enough money to get the interior redone again. It's a veyron ss, it could be primer colored and have no interior and still fetch millions of dollars
Alex Leu Aug 14, 2011
It's like an orange creamsicle!
Kenneth Williams Aug 14, 2011
That is a lot of orange
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 14, 2011
Disgusting. A 10 year old could design it better. Who would even look at this interior even consider buying it at $3.4 Million dollars.
Edith Wharton Aug 14, 2011
With that interior i think the orange should also belong on tbe exterior
Caleb Lochridge Aug 16, 2011
@Jason, I agree. A 3-point wouldn't work, but with a sportier seatbelt I might feel a little safer, thus a little riskier :-) haha bad combination in a veyron
Avery Doyal Aug 15, 2011
Do rich people not have taste???
Jason Brower Aug 15, 2011
I couldn't bear a three point belt in this car. Even though it's meant to be a cruising car I would want a four point. Not a five, but a four. Feels sporty but it's not uncomfortable.
Tyler Cullen Aug 15, 2011
@Bryce you wouldn't get a headache cause you'd have to be blind to get this.
Tyler Cullen Aug 15, 2011
If the exterior was standard orange and black, this would work a bit more.
Daniel Carey Aug 14, 2011
All that money an it still has the standard grey seatbelt like any ol chevy out there. Tsk, tsk
Cødy Flesch Aug 14, 2011
The outside is so good... This not so much. I'd still take it though
Bryce Depperman Aug 14, 2011
You'd get a headache every time you got in