300% Efficiency Increase for the Vauxhall Vivaro by Protean

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The big Vauxhall Vivaro van can utilize Protean's in-wheel electric motors to get a 55 mile electric-only range and in hybrid mode it can run 114 miles.
Protean Electric has reportedly developed in-wheel motors that increase efficiency by a huge 300 percent on the diesel Vauxhall Vivaro. Autoblog Green reports that "Protean Electric outfitted the front-wheel-drive Vivaro with a through-the-road hybrid conversion kit consisting of two of its PD-18 electric motors attached to the rear axle. Together, the pair of motors cranks out 'torque assist of up to 1,180 pound-feet peak and 740lb-ft. continuous at the rear wheels.''
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Using the new technology, the big Vivaro van is claimed to have a 55 mile electric-only range and 114 miles running in hybrid mode. That is three times more efficient than Vivaros without the in-wheel motor conversion. "Fleet operators should be lining up for a vehicle such as this that will provide more than a 65 percent reduction in fuel usage and CO2 emissions in a typical urban drive-cycle, while enabling electric-only operation for in-city low-emission zones such as London," said Bob Purcell, Protean CEO. The Vivaro ran its new technology at the 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin and the eCarTec show in Munich.