Description: Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) is creating a bespoke metal wide-body Mustang to be auctioned off for charity. Based in Southern California, the American tuners built the Mustang taking inspiration from the ...
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Patrick Kennedy Aug 13, 2011
Same company that does pimp my ride haha
Description: It features an electronically controlled exhaust cutout system, '69 Boss 429 hood scoop and Wilwood brakes that help keep the powerful Mustang under control. The muscle car is finished in Candy ...
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Danny Scott Aug 14, 2011
Hideous rims! Car looks sweet though.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 13, 2011
@Daniel: By... turning the steering wheel, I suppose? I'm confused now.
Daniel Gil Aug 13, 2011
This looks like a render, how will you turn that front wheel!!?
Ryan Chamberlain Aug 13, 2011
that's sum serious HP wonder what times this thing puts down
Victor Takhanov Aug 13, 2011
looks like a hot wheels car.
Mike Hawk Aug 13, 2011
Sponsor stickers...YUCK! For crying out loud, have the human decency to remove that filth before selling it. You've already killed the warranty, at least make up for it with a new paint job.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 13, 2011
Looks like a rally car somewhat. An overweight(not because of fat, it's because of ripped biceps) rally car. I wonder why.
Tyler Friggen Zdanowicz Aug 13, 2011
Only a design theroy right? This thing wont haunt my dreams right? Good.
Louis Rodriguez Aug 13, 2011
spokes cud be better
Joseph Myers Aug 13, 2011
I love how deep that back tire is :p
Lukas Lebs Aug 13, 2011
Those are some mean curbs n rims