Comments - Spied: 2012 Audi A3 Three-Door Hatchback

Published: Aug 10, 2011
Description: Audi has recently been spotted testing the upcoming 2012 A3 prototype in Argentina. It appears that after some rigorous testing, the three-door mule hatch looks like it desperately needs a car wash. I...
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Tom Franquelli Aug 10, 2011
I like that. We probably won't get it here though. :-/
Miftah Rasheed Amir Aug 10, 2011
Now that's some more-than-decent camouflaging. I can't make out a thing. Btw, today sure has a lot of news.
Description: Looking at the side skirts, it seems like there's the standard A3 setup with the traditional single curved contour and no excess lines or cuts to the panel design. We get a slight glimpse at the ...
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Description: The new Audi A3 is projected to go on sale sometime in 2012, possibly after its Geneva Motor Show debut in March. The A3 will be available in three and five-door hatch forms, in addition to a new seda...
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