Description: Accessorize Fashion house has created the perfect car for the female automobile enthusiast. Their take on the Citroen C1 combines plenty of pink on a black interior/exterior and even comes with so...
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Description: Usual luxury options such as an MP3 and iPod hookup come standard, as well as a nice sound system and satnav. The exterior also gets a pink touch on the badges, door panels and on the rearview mirrors...
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Jesse Weis Aug 11, 2011
Why would anyone this girly and city-ish want a manual transmission, the might break a nail
Taylor Greenfield Aug 10, 2011
Hahaha yees! My Can-Am has 98 and isn't tuned and I got it up to 70 mph in the sand :)
Shane Carroll Aug 10, 2011
68 horses. Wow. My buddy's Can Am 4 wheeler has more power than that