Description: Even though Ford continues to follow through on their global "One Ford" business model, the automaker still launches new editions available for specific markets only. Such is the case of the...
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Lukas Lebs Jul 10, 2011
No we get the mustang bcuzz they got getter mucle there and there crap in performance n handling
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 09, 2011
except for the stang
Shane Carroll Jul 09, 2011
For Europe. Of course.
Mathew Frieslick Sep 08, 2011
Got my one ordered and on it's way to me the end of the month :)
Lukas Lebs Jul 10, 2011
Btw.. Love the matt black with those bnb rims suites the car well
Lukas Lebs Jul 10, 2011
Ok my uncle owns a bizz in lithuania where he imports cars from US n he sends them to be transformed from US emission rures to europe n quote Europe is much much more tight than here in US
Patrick Schalk Jul 10, 2011
Nah they have emissions testing in Colorado. My fiance still has to do hers. Oklahoma doesn't though :)
J.j. Yapo Jul 09, 2011
That's nice but I'm waiting for the new escape. From what I hear it does not look good
Zach Sullivan Jul 09, 2011
Why doesn't ford sell the sweet tuned up versions of their hatches in the US? I would love the focus rs or this fiesta
Shane Carroll Jul 09, 2011
@Ian I still question that because in many parts of the US such as Colorado and my home of southern Georgia emissions laws don't even apply
Shane Carroll Jul 09, 2011
@Rodney Europe is WAY stricter on emissions than the US. That's one of the reasons the motor is only 1.6 liters
Tom Franquelli Jul 09, 2011
Lol, really? The new Fiesta compared to a Yaris? Not a fan on the wave of trolls on Carbuzz lately.
Rodney Rogers Junior Jul 09, 2011
America doesn't get "fun" cars like that cuz of the EPA and our motor way rules. You want it go to Europe, Jeremy Clarkson would tell you just that!
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 09, 2011
I really like the wheels ... it fits this car very well
Emmanuel Irizarry Jul 09, 2011
Yeah right as if a yaris is better than this
Jorge Martins Jul 09, 2011
Let's not compare this thing to a Honda. Btw this thing is ugly. I'm glad my mom went with the yaris.
Kenny Cavallo Jul 09, 2011
This is a special edition to commemorate the Fiesta in Europ, just because ford wont be selling it here doesn't mean theyre not following "One Ford". The point is they sell the same Fiesta and Focus here now
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jul 09, 2011
It just goes to show you that companies don't have the right information about what their customers want. Especially in America because I hate ford but the Focus RS was a great looking and performing car
Spencer Peirce Jul 09, 2011
Why do they get all the cool stuff? This Is actually pretty well done! Really, though, not bad considering what the word fiesta USED to make you think of..
Description: Under the hood, the Ford Fiesta Sport Special Edition generates its power from a 1.6-liter Ti-VCT gasoline engine that produces an output of 132hp, 12hp more than its North American counterpart. The t...
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Mathew Frieslick Sep 08, 2011
It's not all about the fastest in a straight line, this thing more than makes up for it going round corners. Plus the lack of a turbo makes it affordable to insure for young drivers like myself...
Sebastian Zeb Jul 11, 2011
It's still to weak. Needs muscle to be a hot sport hatch.
Shane Carroll Jul 09, 2011
Keep in mind this thing ain't built for drag racing. I'm pretty sure it's more at home on a twisty B road
Cameron Soulette Jul 09, 2011
You can heat a poptart in the microwave in 8.7 seconds, that's fast compared to the toaster.
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 09, 2011
diesel would get great mpg over here I would take one for my 100 mile commute to work
Simon Scott Selberg Jul 09, 2011
Quick engine swap and I'll take it.
Edith Wharton Jul 09, 2011
Those numbers are pathetic
Michael Gallagher Jul 09, 2011
Lol, don't bring that to America. We have enough slow cars on the road as it is
Raymond Reynoso Jul 09, 2011
These numbers sound so depressing
Description: There are a total of seven exterior paint options. The ebony black interior has the same features as the 1600S, such as the automatic climate control, black leather sport seats with silver stitching, ...
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Raymond Reynoso Jul 10, 2011
Oh god, Andy is so annoying
Tom Franquelli Jul 09, 2011
Really, your benchmark is Lexus? But anyway, yeah it's a fun econo box. That's the point.
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 09, 2011
I Like it... but a lil to many buttons for my taste
Andy Kleschick Jul 09, 2011
Yeah Vince, and besides, it's a ford, what did you expect, Lexus quality?
Michael Gallagher Jul 09, 2011
Hurray for plastic and cheap leather
Shane Carroll Jul 09, 2011
Looks good, but that is a LOT of buttons
Peter O'Sullivan Jul 09, 2011
Damn, and I thought the interior in mine looked pretty good. Black plastic>silver plastic
Curtis Stuart Jul 09, 2011
Instrument cluster looks really boring
Vincent Butler Jul 09, 2011
Wtf ford really did this??? Well Done
Spencer Peirce Jul 09, 2011
I'm digging the layout of this console but the button ergonomics seem extremely cluttered.