Comments - Unique Of the Week: 1970 BMW 2800

Published: Jul 08, 2011
Description: As BMW endlessly rolls out new models and special trims, we thought it'd be interesting to check out something from the German automaker's past. This 1970 2800 CS is considered by many to be...
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Miftah Rasheed Amir Jul 08, 2011
I've always liked classic. I'd prefer '70 Dodge Charger, but this is very nice.
Description: There's very little rust and the chrome trim and rubber moldings are in near perfect condition. The tan interior is also equally impressive with new seats that match the door panels, new carpetin...
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Description: The seller claims there's about 99,999 miles on it, which, despite the odometer issue, is fairly accurate based on how much the previous two owners drove it. It's currently listed on eBay fo...
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Victor Takhanov Jul 08, 2011
Or maybe when you search for a car on eBay or whatever, it shows up on the <100k miles list
Sam C-h Jul 08, 2011
It's a bit like when the price is £9.99 not £10, they can say it's under £10 and that sounds great, he can say it's under 100,000 miles and that sounds great for a 41 year old car.
Taylor Holloway Jul 08, 2011
Wow he just had to say 99999 miles instead of 100000. Youd think since he doesn't know exactly that he'd just round it
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jul 08, 2011
I don't understand why anyone could hate this.
Josh Higgins Jul 08, 2011
What a hunk of junk it looks horrible
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
@Brian Same here. Now the 3.0 CSL. The M1 (especially). The E30 M3. The 2002. That's more like it
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
@Phillip It still looks great though. And this is just a different kind of classic
Tom Franquelli Jul 08, 2011
Does look pretty nice.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 08, 2011
In black would be better!
James Jefferson Jul 08, 2011
Who put those awful wheels on this great car?
Phillip Alexander Jul 08, 2011
Is it me or do those windows look too big for this car?Ik this is sposed to be a classic, but compared to the chargers and stangs of the same year this thing is ugly.
Daniel Lay Jul 08, 2011
Pretty sweet little old BMW