Comments - Report: Volvo C30 PCP

Published: Jul 07, 2011
Description: Recent reports suggest Polestar, Volvo's racing outfit for the Scandinavian and World Touring Car Championships, will be doing a lot more work for the Swedish automaker. Volvo seriously wants to ...
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Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
@Ian Indeed they have been. But they are easily overlooked because of the badge
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
Make the PCP! Make it! Make it NOW!
Joe Delaney Jul 07, 2011
I saw the top gear episode too. Volvo has so much going for it... Hopefully the pcp does well in the UK and they decide to issue some sport tuner mobiles. I'd drive a Volvo if it didn't promise to be boring.. A step in the right direction.
Patrick Kennedy Jul 07, 2011
I love Volvo. Their my favorite scandanavian car company
Shane Carroll Jul 07, 2011
@Nick I saw that, it was fast indeed. Sounded good too
Nick Benz Jul 07, 2011
Top gear reviewed this a long time ago and said volvo wesnt going to produce it. But i guess they are which is badass!
Joe Delaney Jul 07, 2011
Finally, someone at Volvo got their head screwed on right. When the first commissioned this car, it was so good. The ultimate hot hatch. Then they decided not to make it. For years, enthusiasts have wanted this car. Too bad Americans can't have it.
Description: As the first car with the PCP badge, a new subdivision of Volvo could follow (think BMW's M series). The C30 will pack an impressive 400hp and accelerate from 0-62mph in less than 5 seconds. If t...
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Adam Zarytsky Dec 23, 2011
If this came to America I'd get it in place of a WRX
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
And this sounds close enough to the PCP so yeah
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
This is why I always call BS on Impreza and Evo 0-60s. That Impreza Cossie apparently does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds (same as Lambo Gallardo? Yeah right). The PCP destroyed it and they it does 0-60 in less than 5 (meaning somewhere in the 4s)
Joseph Paventi Jul 07, 2011
Pleeeeeease come to north america
Marcus Dropkick Jonsson Dec 18, 2011
The colourcode comes from Mazda..
Elliot Wozniak Aug 26, 2011
In the US that is...
Elliot Wozniak Aug 26, 2011
Two thumbs up to Volvo on this one. Two thumbs down because they won't actually sell it.
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
Anyways Love the looks minus the rear
Andy Rogers Jul 08, 2011
@Alex GTIs are fantastic. And this better be better (mouthful) since it'll cost A LOT more
Ben Clarke Jul 08, 2011
Awesome car! Should be a good money spinner if they go past the 500 testers and roll it out.
Luis Daniel Angilello Jul 08, 2011
Not really into the lip/flare over the front wheel, but then again, I'd still get one.
Nathan Geiter Jul 08, 2011
I saw this on top fast!
Aaron Cartwright Jul 08, 2011
And yet again the Brits get an amazing car that we will never see :(
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jul 07, 2011
This was tested in top gear. It's a bad ass volovo
Carter Sullivan Jul 07, 2011
@Ydj Young, I like how your only hesitation with the car is the color, yet your profile picture is an XKR-S of almost identical color.
Yasha Fotoohi Jul 07, 2011
One of my favourite cars.
Ydj Young Jul 07, 2011
Beautiful car and the color is, well, ok.