Comments - Unearthed: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Spyder

Published: Jul 06, 2011
Description: Despite its controversial past, the Chevrolet Corvair still remains a very popular classic car for collectors. Produced from 1960 until 1969, there are still many in existence either on the road, gara...
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Michael Davidson Aug 21, 2011
Oh wow, he really was starting from scratch
Description: A complete strip-down was done followed by welding some new sheet metal in place around the front headlights. The next step involved a couple layers of Rustbullet on the body to prevent any further ru...
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Michael Davidson Aug 21, 2011
The engine was also turbocharged from the factory, if you look at the gallery of pics at the end of the article you can see it
Robby Bradford Jul 06, 2011
Someone didn't use it at all
Oscar Rubio Jul 06, 2011
Wow less than most cars today in mileage
Description: Other nice details included buffing and shining the engine compartment and the soft top. The owner also has all of the car's original paperwork going back to 1963. Overall, this is a beautiful re...
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Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
True it is, but it's still a Corvair
Stephen Ishard Jul 06, 2011
Yeah from 1963 if you add ac looks like the new corollas
Vincent Butler Jul 06, 2011
Damn just looks like--------- American car interiors ----
Patrick Schalk Jul 06, 2011
Incredible. This looks so good
Caleb Lochridge Jul 06, 2011
This guy did some work
David Bright Jul 06, 2011
Love the contrast between this pic and the last one
Joseph Henry Jul 07, 2011
This is not a muscle car!! This was the beetle fighter!!
Joseph Henry Jul 06, 2011
Still unsafe at any speed!!
Shane Carroll Jul 06, 2011
Gotta be Chevy's strangest car
Sean Hisel Jul 06, 2011
Looks great compared to what it did look like!
Stephen Ishard Jul 06, 2011
No brake lights in my corvair