Comments - Ford Performance Debuts Premier GT Concept Car at AIMS

Published: Jul 05, 2011
Description: The FPV GT Concept, based on the Ford Falcon GT sedan, just debuted at the Australian Motor Show. As the first concept car in the history of the Ford Performance Vehicles division, it certainly does n...
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Description: Six-piston front and four-piston rear brake calipers adorn the wheels, and are also totally blacked out in FPV's Silhouette black. "Taking our iconic FPV GT, we have put together a package o...
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Phillip Alexander Jul 06, 2011
You're right frank,luke is probly one of those guys tht disses everything with less than 1000hp cuz hes a douche.appreciate nice vehicles that arent overpriced for a logo you fairy.
Frank Rajnai Jul 05, 2011
Lukas do you know anything about the new mustang? Obviously not if you think the coyote sucks. Too bad you aren't a car guy.
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 05, 2011
Someone flubbed the numbers. A supercharged Boss will turn 600 to the wheels no problem at all, at around 8-9 psi. No lowering compression or anything. Hell GTs are turning 600rwhp with non forged internals.......1000rwhp plus with forged parts.
Chris Clarke Jul 05, 2011
This is a awesome engine. Supercharged with low boost putting out 330kw / 570 nm ( yes at the flywheel ). Great design, and though the block is similar to the mustang's the rest is FPR design parts to handle the Australian built supercharger.
Patrick Schalk Jul 05, 2011
That the Boss engine is just built way better than a stock 5.0. But those are two sweet cars either way. I hope to see this in the states within the near future.
Patrick Schalk Jul 05, 2011
No that's what companies do. They advertise hp at the crank when the hp at the wheels is about 15% less because it's lost through the drive train. I dunno what going on in this situation obviously cause I don't have all the specs but I know for sure
Patrick Schalk Jul 05, 2011
I know but I'm sure there are a bunch of other factors that aren't listed in the article. This article could be stating rwhp as opposed to hp at the crank.
Josh Carlisle Jul 05, 2011
Pat is right, if you put a forced induction system on that engine it would blow the heads of or destroy the pistons. The compression is way to high. So they have to lower it which will decrease the power. I bet that is still a relativity low boost.
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 05, 2011
but pat even with the base 5.0 of 412 a sc should put out closer to 500 HP
Patrick Schalk Jul 05, 2011
Ryan the Boss has a high compression ratio, different heads, crazy awesome exhaust, and a bunch of other stuff. It's just a very well built engine as opposed to a base engine with a sc slapped on it.
Edward Rios Jul 05, 2011
Why bring back the GT40? Even if they did you'd never be able to afford it. At least this is attainable and the engine, although out if the Mustang, is a durable powerhouse that is rock solid.
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 05, 2011
question doesn't the boss put out 440 HP and its na.. something doesn't sound right with 449 HP with a sc
Lukas Lebs Jul 05, 2011
And the engine is crap because its out of a mustang
Lukas Lebs Jul 05, 2011
Just bring back a new model of the GT40
Description: Inside, the all-black theme continues with black leather trim throughout and an all-black dash treatment. No pricing or availability details have been released.
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Zach V. Romano Jul 15, 2011
Wait. Why are we comparing this to the mustang? It makes no sense to do this, it's not like they are going to get rid of one to replace the other, honestly it stands in a class all by it's self, by the looks of things it has set a very high standard.
Christopher Fanning Jul 14, 2011
The body is made of plastic
Phillip Greene Jul 13, 2011
um plastic? try aluminum space frame with composite body parts so idk where u were going with that "plastic" statment
Christopher Fanning Jul 08, 2011
@ davey hate to break it to you but the zonda f is ITALIAN not American so you're right that this car couldn't beat it around the ring. Also to the rest of you. I compared it to a mustang not a vette so don't bring in your plastic cars
Ron Rubendra Jul 07, 2011
This is based on the Australian FG Falcon upgraded by FPV, I've driven an older FPV and they're awesome. They have a car called an F6, a straight 6 turbo that pulls 310kW and 600Nm. The US parent Ford won't allow export to America.
Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
I like how people say "so much better than a Mustang" because they're just being haters. It's slower and Aussie cars are about as good as American cars in terms of normal car stuff (quality, comfort, etc)
Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
@Phillip Yeah everyone can make a left turn. But can everybody do it at nearly 200mph with either 2 cars RIGHT next to you or a 1 car and a wall right next to you in a car with heavy steering? And then go on road courses sometimes too?
Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
driving hatchback), etc, etc, etc, etc We can handle the ZR1 and the Mustang, so this should be a piece of cake
Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
@Christopher Ok moron. Tell that to the new Mustang (especially Boss), Camaro, Challenger, Vette (old ones handled better than Porsches BTW), Viper (especially ACR), old Boss 302 and 429, 4th gen Stang SVT Cobra R, Focus (always best driv
Brian Gonzales Jul 06, 2011
Looks like where the last SVT Mustangs would have went if they didn't make the retro body mustangs.
Andy Kleschick Jul 06, 2011
American that can't handle doesn't mean all of us can't.
Andy Kleschick Jul 06, 2011
@ chris- ok, first off while yes, it is true that many, if not a slim majority of Americans are fat, that does not mean all of us are, including the authors. Do you even know the authors? I think not, and besides, just because you've never seen an
Kaigan Viner Jul 06, 2011
It looks nothing like a G8. That's an insult
Shane Gardner Jul 06, 2011
Enough FPV on that thing?
Davey Edwards Jul 06, 2011
@christopher: straight lines huh? Take a look at the z06 vette on YouTube. Beat the zonda f on the nurburgring
Phillip Alexander Jul 06, 2011
want now.we're bored with our dads' 10 second races & anyone can make a left turn so get nascar out of here.
Phillip Alexander Jul 06, 2011
Ok a mustang def looks better but this thing is sick!an all the chevy fans nee to get quit gettin off by hatin on the mustang cuz it smokes u on any track with turns.i havent seen a camaro win a drift competition and sorry but thats what young people
Christopher Fanning Jul 06, 2011
@emmauel all American cars do are go in a straight line fast and then crash on every corner. What American made production car is better than that? The mustang? Nope. The supercharged mustang produces the same amount of ponies as this. So
Christopher Fanning Jul 06, 2011
@Tom to correct you on your Pontiac g8 comment. The Pontiac g8 is a Holden commodore which is Australian. And the reason this isn't conning to America is cause fat Americans like the people on this app wouldn't be able to handle this car.
Tom Belisari Jul 05, 2011
It looks like a Pontiac G8 meets the old Acura TL on steroids...
Jayme West Jul 05, 2011
Does anyone else see pontiac g8 ?!??
Emmanuel Irizarry Jul 05, 2011
I would say that it looks like the American version of a lancer and as in American I mean better
Emmanuel Irizarry Jul 05, 2011
@Riley. The reAson why it's not gonna b in the US is because the car does not pass the safety standards that we have here unlike in (says in a ausie voice) down under
Tom Franquelli Jul 05, 2011
The only ford I like lately. Hell yes.
Andrew Hubbard Jul 05, 2011
That would be so fun to drive!
Zach Pate Jul 05, 2011
Looks like a camaro and a focus mix
Christopher Mungo Jul 05, 2011
They need to bring that to the usa
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 05, 2011
Ford should replace the Taurus & SHO with this car so it can be in direct competition with the Dodge SRT Charger
Aj TheDark Artist Jul 05, 2011
This... car... is.... GORGEOUS!!!!!
Aj TheDark Artist Jul 05, 2011
They never said anything about killing the boss. It just started!!!
Charlie Huber Jul 05, 2011
I like this car but the mustang is an American Icon. You can't just get rid of it. The boss is an amazing car no reason to end it
Michael Palazzo Jul 05, 2011
I agree America do get the crap fords, and any new Ford we get has been out in Europe for a long time.
Kenneth Williams Jul 05, 2011
I say TL and an EVO X on the side from the pic
Michael Palazzo Jul 05, 2011
looks like a beastly Honda civic & Audi A4 had a child.
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 05, 2011
Lukas ur mad because the mustang kills ur z's in every thing
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 05, 2011
I like it it would be like cords g8 (since its a 4 door:)
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 05, 2011
great yes but ill take the boss all day long
Chris Penza Jul 05, 2011
This thing is badass i'd love to see it in the states. We're missing out on a lot of great cars
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jul 05, 2011
what are yaul drunk? the Mustang is way better, the Boss has 440hp, 3.7 rear end, & 3500 lbs. enough said!!!!
Lukas Lebs Jul 05, 2011
Much x99 better then the shty mustang please bring here
Morgan Dame Jul 05, 2011
Bring it to the states!! We want it
Bonnie Hansen Jul 05, 2011
Nah... I'm a Holden person.
Adam Lopinsky Jul 05, 2011
I love it. Please bring this thing stateside!
Brady Fereday Jul 05, 2011
I would much rather have this in the states than the mustang
Matt Hall Jul 05, 2011
Bring this bad boy to the states