Comments - Report: A Lotus Exige Rally Car?

Published: Jul 04, 2011
Description: According to various sources, Lotus is planning on building a rally car to compete in IRC and/or the WRC competition. Based on the Exige model (ironic, because the U.S. Exige is set to end product...
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Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
Should be awesome But yeah they probably won't compete in WRC
David Schnitzel Vitan Jul 05, 2011
Minimum weight for a wrc car is 1200kg plus it has to have awd. This car will start in a different class.
Stephen Spackman Jul 04, 2011
Another British auto maker would be great for the WRC.
Andy Kleschick Jul 04, 2011
That would be tight if lotus would make a rally car version with the engine and some of the other specs and market it to the public.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jul 04, 2011
I'm not sure of the idea of a Lotus rally. One of the most lightweight collection I've ever seen, looks like it could simply fly of the track when drifting. … Though the rally Exige must have more grip/handling, maybe that won't happen.
Description: No specs or details have been given, however given the production version of the Exige S's 240hp combined with a 2,057 pound base weight it should be cut and look great with a nice rally trim. Ac...
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Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
@Shane But times if RWD rallying has passes. The 2WD drive car to win the WRC and beat a 4WD drive car was the Lancia 037. Also the ONLY 2WD car to beat a 4WD car
Shane Carroll Jul 04, 2011
Well, its light, RWD and a short wheelbase. Its the same formula the Stratos used
Andy Rogers Jul 06, 2011
@Sam That's what I'm thinking too
Josh Sutton Jul 04, 2011
There's not much chance of it becoming AWD is there?
Sam C-h Jul 04, 2011
I'll be honest, it won't work as a rally car, track racer yes, off road racer no.