Comments - Britain’s Defender No More?

Published: Jul 31, 2011
Description: Britain's version of the Jeep Wrangler, the iconic Land Rover Defender, could soon disappear. The Defender first arrived in 1947 and continues to be hugely popular for rescue services, farmers an...
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Description: The current Defender will meet Euro V emissions regulations up to 2016. Afterwards its future is unclear. A third and more expensive option could be to adopt the Range Rover Sport or Discovery platfor...
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Kieran Parmar Aug 02, 2011
Why aren't we very skilled 'auto makers'? We build some of the worlds best cars, and no dis-respect to American manufactures, our cars handle a lot better and for a sports/super car we know it's not all about power.
Michael Jawnzski Taunton Aug 02, 2011
The English aren't very skilled auto makers. Land rovers and jaguars are especially terrible. They can make a vehicle only paint deep. They can't master the mechanics on how to build a reliable vehicle like the Germans, Japanese, or American brands.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jul 31, 2011
Nope. I think they're much better than Wranglers or most other offroads. They look great, especially the front.
Patrick Schalk Jul 31, 2011
Ahh they are both great. Defenders are a lot more spendy out of the box though. They are probably equivalent of a Rubicon though stock for stock in terms of capability.
Dylan Bruder Jul 31, 2011
That's ugly but it does the job at lest well until it breaks down lol
James Henry Jul 31, 2011
Went off-roading in a desert in one of these... Sickest experience of my life
Spencer Peirce Jul 31, 2011
Oh man I would LOVE to have one of these! So versatile!
Michael Jawnzski Taunton Aug 02, 2011
@Buddy fine be a snob and drive a big ass shitty land rover. A vehicle Luke this says hey look at me! Look at meeee!!!!
Patrick Schalk Jul 31, 2011
These look more like a Jeep Commander than anything.
Shane Carroll Jul 31, 2011
The H1 was awesome. The H2 was dismissable as a small stumble by GM. The H3 was a horrendous abomination that should have never seen the light of day
Buddy Robinson Jul 31, 2011
And a 'humvee' just says I'm a careless gas waster. The first ones were fine but the last few were cheap, unreliable compared to these and oddly small inside.
Shane Carroll Jul 31, 2011
Nah, not seeing a humvee resemblence here
Marcel Dawson Jul 31, 2011
Looks just like a humvee except a h1 is way cooler
Stephen Cobbs Jul 31, 2011
Wow I would so take this over the Wrangler.
Daniel Suazo Aug 05, 2011
Piss of $#!% looks like a bronco from the 70s
Mike Lanza Jul 31, 2011
Copleymotorcars in Needham mass sells a lot of these
Michael Wilson Jul 31, 2011
to bad only one dealership sells these in the USA
Geoffrey Lyle Jul 31, 2011
If I had the Money I would buy one of these over A LOT of things!