Comments - Video: Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Published: Jul 29, 2011
Description: Porsche held a preview and unveiling of the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 for its UK customers. Porsche describes the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 as being the "most hardcore street legal 911 yet". The Porsche 911 GT3 R...
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Shane Carroll Jul 30, 2011
Yeah, the GT2 RS looks way scarier than this. I guess a huge spoiler makes you hardcore lol
Matt Hall Jul 29, 2011
How is this more hardcore then the gt2rs? Porsche must be drinking a lot when they say these things
Paul Pickard Jul 29, 2011
This thing is built for a road coarse not a drag strip. Gt2rs 0-60 is much better. I'd bet it couldn't keep up with this on the track.
Alex Leu Jul 29, 2011
Isn't the turbo alot faster ?
Chad Schley Jul 29, 2011
Come on guys don't you understand that zero to 60 numbers don't mean crap for this car. It is a rear wheel drive track monster. If you could put a number on mid corner exit speed/acceleration then it would be king of pretty much all cars.
Brady Fereday Jul 29, 2011
Ya I thought the 0-60 is supposed to be like 3.2 or less
Ken Madison Jul 29, 2011
I find that 0-60 time to be hard to believe... But then again, there is no torque.
Description: The Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 currently sells for €178,596 inclusive of VAT in Germany and carries a price tag of £128,466 in the UK. Enjoy the preview video of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0.
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David Justice Jul 29, 2011
the guy in the video said it best, 'last action hero'. Porsche should retire the 911 with this car and concentrate their efforts on the cayman. mid engine format will take Porsche farther in pretty much every category vs the 911s rear
Ken Madison Jul 29, 2011
Not many countries drive on the right hand side...
Payne Hodges Wilson Jul 29, 2011
Yeah left side drive is used in Germany as well as the us
Tyler James Davis Jul 29, 2011
So the driver seat is on the left side, but no USD pricetag?
Shane Carroll Jul 29, 2011
I dunno. Doesn't really do much for me
Edith Wharton Jul 29, 2011
Paint job is really good
Robby Bradford Jul 29, 2011
The paint job is really nice
Микки Гурин Jul 29, 2011
Michael, I thinks it's both!!
Michael Palazzo Jul 29, 2011
the people in the video said it was the best to drive, I think its the best looking!
Patrick Schalk Jul 29, 2011
Well either way I still think it would look better without that huge spoiler. For my taste at least. But I don't really like Porsches that much or know that much about them.
Rueben J Yslas Jul 29, 2011
Hey look it's a lil beetle wit a wing on the back lol
Cory Wilhelm Jul 29, 2011
Patrick that little spoiler is the intake.
Patrick Schalk Jul 29, 2011
I think I would like this one more without the second spoiler. Looks awesome though. I'm diggin the white wheels too
Lukas Lebs Jul 31, 2011
On right reminds me of that suzuki u buy for 2mill on grand turismo 1 lol first car game i played n loved ( now FOrZa... Cant w8 for tge 4th one
Alex Leu Jul 29, 2011
Someone would steal that spoiler and place it on their civic
Caleb Lochridge Jul 29, 2011
So I saw the pic, it looked just like the previous one, moved it over to see the rest of pic, and my jaw dropped!!! Love the one on the right!!!
Edith Wharton Jul 29, 2011
Thats a giant spoiler on the right. And i like the paint job of the one on the right
Patrick Schalk Jul 29, 2011
I honestly think I like the one on the left better. Both are great though.
Matthew Salguero Jul 29, 2011
I love that new 2011 engine!