Comments - Unique of the Week: 1980 Bradley GT II Electric Car

Published: Jul 29, 2011
Description: It's no secret that many (ok, most) of our readers can't stand the thought of EVs. With new models like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, and the Fisker Karma, automakers throughout the world ...
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Clayton Corley Aug 05, 2011
Fisher is awesome cuz they at least make theyre car look cool
Phillip Greene Jul 29, 2011
yea theres like 15 different kits car makers thats use the vw
Edith Wharton Jul 29, 2011
Yep though beetle chassis were really easy to customize I know
Description: Before they shut their doors due to bankruptcy, Bradley produced three different models: the GT, Scorpion, and GT II. The GT began production in the late 60s and was eventually replaced by the GTII in...
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Description: Another issue that needs attention is the hydraulics for the doors which need to be replaced. An odometer reading is also unknown.

The car currently has a bid of $4,149.99 as of this writin...
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Edith Wharton Jul 29, 2011
Yeah just paint it all red
Mike Hawk Jul 29, 2011
I'm sure this car hasnt hit the streets in years (decades). It's probably registered as a non-op, as well. So how/why the hell does it have a carpool access sticker?!?
Clayton Corley Aug 05, 2011
Andrew Mullin Jul 30, 2011
No passengers switching your songd
Danten Sweet Jul 29, 2011
I love where the stereo is.