Comments - Video: Supercharged Shootout: Corvette vs. Viper

Published: Jul 28, 2011
Description: Everybody loves a good drag race, especially when they involve some serious Detroit power. America's two exotics, the Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Viper, are seen here laying down rubber for ...
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Clayton Corley Aug 07, 2011
@buddy being exotic doesnt have to be rare
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Jul 28, 2011
ZR1 supercar: yes Exotic: no By the fact that the base corvette looks almost identical.
Ken Madison Jul 28, 2011
Umm, who cares about top gear terms. FYI, Jeremy said the Z06 is a super car. The ACR and ZR1 are on the top of the nurburgring.
Buddy Robinson Jul 28, 2011
Viper is exotic bcause it's far more rare. And neither is a Supercar in top gear terms
Phillip Alexander Jul 28, 2011
Theyre both awesome, what else matters?
Ken Madison Jul 28, 2011
They are both exotic super cars. Accept it.
Caleb Lochridge Jul 28, 2011
Neither are exotic because they are both domestic. They are vehicles with raw power. Supercars (and the argument begins)
Keenan Casteel Jul 28, 2011
Are they exotics or muscle? I think the Viper is far more exotic than the vette.
Description: The video is fun to watch, but do yourself a favor and be sure to watch with the volume turned up. These machines sound absolutely beautiful.
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Jeff Lee Sep 14, 2011
헉 700HP라니...중반이후에 치고나가는 맛은 좋지만 초반 밀림은 아쉬운데!
Joseph Tomb Sep 06, 2011
Damian, your just one if those idiots who think fast times come from just power… there's more than getting more power and pulling a better time then your car. Weight, aerodynamics, and climate just to name a few…
Bernard Green Aug 01, 2011
How many radical dealerships do you see? And the Porsche time is just a claim. No proof what so ever. If you have some let me know but until then the fastest time is 7:19xx by the zr1.
Chris Vette Aug 01, 2011
Actually, you need to check again all of you, it goes Porsche, vette, viper,vette. On the nurbugring after the radicals and dunkorvoot. I hate arguing about cars. Personally I like the ZR1. It can drift better than a Porsche. Opinion.
Damian Mahady Jul 31, 2011
Lol I've got a near stock xr6t with half that power doin those quarter times
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jul 28, 2011
Porsche has a faster laptime than the ZR1 1.6 secs. Also the fastest is the radical sr8. Finally, the caparo T1 would kill at nurburgring, but it only been spied at nurburgring :/ P.S great video, better drivers would have made it better.
Bernard Green Jul 28, 2011
Corvette holds fastest time around the nurburgring ring for production cars. Faster than Porsche,viper,Ferrari etc. Their quarters were probably slow due to the wheel spin. I think the fastest standing mile is a TT gallardo. 25x mph.
Shane Carroll Jul 28, 2011
If I see a vette on the road, I'll remember it for maybe a minute. I saw a blacked out viper the other day and I thought about it almost all day
Greg Lewis Jul 28, 2011
Isn't this in Russia or some place overseas? Nice to see ford/dodge/chevy making waves....
Ján Kubecka Jul 28, 2011
I'm going for the Porsche who smashed em both. It says on the end at the bottom
Dale Fredriks Jul 28, 2011
Interesting how the viper got the better start, and crossed the line faster, but still lost. Must have had some crappy gear shifts.
Patrick Schalk Jul 28, 2011
These same guys have ran the Geiger ZR1 and it is FAAAAST.
Caleb Lochridge Jul 28, 2011
They should run a tuned ZR1 and a tuned ACR on this track. That would be awesome!!
Tom Franquelli Jul 28, 2011
Woo! Good driving there, the corvette shouldn't have had it that easy. Lol. Love the burnout though, quite American. And go Corvette.
Brady Fereday Jul 28, 2011
Ya true pat that viper needed new tires 80 feet out rofl xD
Andrew Varland Jul 28, 2011
@Shane, true but don't forget the viper has two more cylinders on the vette and if the top viper and the top vette competed it would be very close even then
Ryu Tsuchiya Jul 28, 2011
They're build for top speed. And they don't have grip at the start. That's why they do 12s
Patrick Schalk Jul 28, 2011
Did you see how much wheel spin those had Brady? Throw some DRs on both and they'll run 10s or less all day.
Brady Fereday Jul 28, 2011
Lol I have seen a barely tuned sr20 do 12s rofl
Greg Lewis Jul 28, 2011
Still love the dodge's style! Vettes are getting stale IMO. But can't deny that it's a fast whip! Either car does me proud!
Anthony Gumina Jul 28, 2011
The viper had a bit of a lead start and still wasn't able to hold the win ha. Corvette FTW
Ken Madison Jul 28, 2011
The Z06 is limited to something in the mid to high 19X's, not 205. And that lingenfelter vette is sick
Michael Palazzo Jul 28, 2011
Hennessey Viper VS Lingenfelter Z06 would probably be the best matchup
Alex Light Jul 28, 2011
good call Shane. that's not the best Viper right there, the ACR is a step up from that in the vid
Keenan Casteel Jul 28, 2011
The quarter mile times are slower than the stock versions. Proof that tuning isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Shane Carroll Jul 28, 2011
@Andrew the SRT-10 is the base model. The ACR is the next step up
Robert Lantz Jul 28, 2011
The corvette is lighter and it's faster to get up 200 and it's limited to 205 I think I don't know how fast the viper is I don't read upon them
Leo Di Leo Jul 28, 2011
The sounds coming from these two cars sound better then some albums out there
Edgar Borrero Jul 28, 2011
Wow i when the viper lunch i was thinking that the vette already lost but is looks like the vette some how wins
Alex Leu Jul 28, 2011
Haha these vids are sweet. There's this guy that drives a ford gt and he smoked all the European competition here