Comments - Brabus Mercedes-Benz GL

Published: Jul 27, 2011
Description: The Mercedes-Benz Wide Star GL is a pretty standard SUV. The ride is nothing special in terms of performance or looks, just a regular good looking Mercedes SUV. The ordinary SUV was taken by Brabus an...
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Description: 350hp and 590lb-ft of torque give the V8 some serious power under the hood and a top speed of 150mph. This is usually the section of the article where we would describe the interior and exterior modif...
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Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 27, 2011
I hate the GL and this one it's not the exception
Kevin Watson Aug 10, 2011
Keep it elegant, not confusing!
Wallyed Alekozai Jul 27, 2011
ok outside looks decent... this looks so ugly
Jon Olsen Jul 27, 2011
What's going on with Brabus? First the E and S class and now this?