Comments - Ferrari California To Produce a Hybrid?

Published: Jul 25, 2011
Description: It seems almost too crazy to believe, but the legendary Italian automaker has intentions to introduce an eco-friendly hybrid model. Ferrari has even gone as far as to unveil a concept version of its n...
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Vincent Castillo Jul 26, 2011
If by chick car you mean the driver has the potential to stuff three hot models in one you are correct sir.
Amaury Santos Jul 25, 2011
The FF is ugly, and the California is a chick car. No self-respecting man would ever own one.
Leo Di Leo Jul 25, 2011
Make the ff a hybrid dont ruin the cali!!
Stephen Cobbs Jul 25, 2011
The ugly as no other FF would seem as a better choice for a hybrid.
Description: Ferrari's production hybrid system is likely to feature two electric motors. The first is a less powerful model to run ancillary features when the Ferrari is in electric only mode and the second ...
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Brett Lamborghini Day Oct 29, 2011
Jethroll Sarduy Jul 26, 2011
This is a hybrid that I could live with.
Robby Bradford Jul 25, 2011
I don't think they would be dumb enough to change the engine down too much... but the two engine idea is prettty good actually when you think about it
Dale Fredriks Jul 25, 2011
No, I think that's what the base California's specs are.
Edith Wharton Jul 25, 2011
Oh good still plenty of horses
Description: The new hybrid system should give the Ferrari California's acceleration a nice boost while also being more fuel efficient at the same time. The new hybrid system will also help the car's tra...
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Michael Davidson Jul 25, 2011
Oh wow, I never thought about the smoother gear changes, thats pretty smart
Sebastian Grey Jul 25, 2011
If you had seen this car in person you wouldn't be saying that. It's gorgeous.
Robby Bradford Jul 25, 2011
Classic Ferrari leather