Comments - 2012 F-150 Supercrew Gets a Superboost

Published: Jul 25, 2011
Description: According to recent reports, Ford has added to their lead for highest towing and payload capacities. The best-in-class F-150 pickup in the half ton segment will get much stronger with the Supercrew mo...
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Luis Lujan Jul 27, 2011
Ford is the Dallas Mavericks of trucks: Champions!!
Patrick Schalk Jul 26, 2011
There are tons of vehicles that can tow a lot of things. Really all depends on the suspension setup
Shane Carroll Jul 26, 2011
@Andrew right. My 93 F250 has 245 horsepower, 400ft. lbs. and I've yet to find something it can't pull. Horsepower in a truck is pretty irrelavent
Andrew Mullin Jul 26, 2011
Im liking what ford is doing with there trucks, we dont need more power, you can pretty much haul anything you'd need to with them now, what we need is econamy and thats what ford's giving us. im a chevy guy, but if not for long if ford keeps this up
Ken Madison Jul 26, 2011
Just turbo or SC that 5.0? Seriously.
Josh Sutton Jul 26, 2011
This has gotta be a load cheaper.
Cole Briggs Jul 25, 2011
Whats the point of this, the ford raptor is basically the same look
Shane Carroll Jul 25, 2011
I'm getting bored with Ford trucks
Nick Singleton Jul 25, 2011
Its still a V-6, I'm sure it does well but I don't see many fords with the Eco-boost badge
Luis Lujan Jul 27, 2011
Best selling for 34 years straight. That's consecutively. Maybe Chevy could have squeezed in one single year since 1977, but no.
Bienne Ralph Lucas Jul 26, 2011
This aint's only one of the best-selling cars ever!
Jebediah Jose Dollar Jul 25, 2011
Oh you're talking about a pre-runner truck that is a huge hit around the world. I'm sure you think the Ford Raptor is garbage to huh?
Patrick Schalk Jul 25, 2011
I would love to take this thing to a desert and drive the piss out of it.
Jared Ramos Jul 25, 2011
The F-Series is the best selling vehicle worldwide. So I think Ford has been focusing on crap that does sell.
Shane Carroll Jul 25, 2011
For 20 something years, ain't it?
Kyle Goodnight Jul 25, 2011
Yes James, that's why the F150 is the best selling vehicle in the USA...
James Francis McAnderson Jul 25, 2011
Oh god facepalm. Ford should spend less time making crap that no one cares about and won't be able to sell.
Description: An 8ft bed with thick frame rails, huge shock absorbers, 4.10 axle ratio and engine and oil-to-air auxiliary transmission cooling could all be making the cut for additions to the new Supercrew. The Su...
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Shane Carroll Jul 25, 2011
Oh God I remember the 7 lug wheels when they first did em. So pointless, why not just throw on a 1/2 hub
Edith Wharton Jul 25, 2011
Do you really need acceleration? Thats for sports cars not trucks
Description: Reports out of Ford also mention the 5.5ft bed model on the Supercab, which also contains payload boosts for both the 4x2 and 4x4 versions. The 6.5ft bed model also gets a 10lbs payload boost. Photos ...
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Michael Davidson Jul 25, 2011
Yeah I think this is just the six lug, because this is the same truck from those first "torture tests" like a year or two ago
Josh Sutton Jul 26, 2011
I can't see anything redeeming about having "Ecoboost" painted on the side either.
Shane Carroll Jul 25, 2011
No redneck in their right mind would ever dream about a V6 truck
Maciej Moryl Dec 13, 2011
Holy crap that engine. I hate ford trucks but this engine just made me jizz