Comments - RENNtech Gives Mercedes SLS AMG a Tuning

Published: Jul 23, 2011
Description: Mercedes tuning experts RENNtech have introduced a new program that gives the Mercedes SLS AMG a significant boost under the hood. The new performance kit gives the 6.2-liter V8 engine a new output of...
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Michael Davidson Aug 08, 2011
Yeah, and that's all naturally aspirated
Vincent Castillo Jul 26, 2011
The car mags should really do some comparison tests on tuners. I'd love to see a battle between Brabus, Renntech, and Carlsson. They could even toss in Kicherer and Edo Competition, I wouldn't mind.
Scott Harrington Jul 23, 2011
that's a dam good bit of power
Kolton Bullard Jul 23, 2011
At least they didn't change the Mercades badge on the front like most obnoxious tuners do
Description: The sport catalytic cells are ceramic coated to decrease heat in the engine compartment and fend against thermal stress. The long primary tube design allows for enhanced low end torque resulting in im...
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Ken Madison Jul 24, 2011
Feels like I have all 618 at 1500 RPMs
Ken Madison Jul 24, 2011
I did the same, I got headers with an angle, where they meet and would have gone to the cats, that is supposed to give the car more low end torque. Let me tell ya, it does. Test and tune day dyno said HP maxed at 654 RWHP and 618 ft lbs.
Vincent Castillo Jul 26, 2011
The word "overpriced" isn't even in the vocab of people who have money to throw at cars like these. The SLR and SLS are both incredible machines with some serious presence.
Kolton Bullard Jul 23, 2011
SLR is overpriced for what you get. The SLS is definitely the best option IMO
Spencer Peirce Jul 23, 2011
I would do anything for this car. It is so freaking beautiful. It is without a doubt in my top ten, performance and beauty in a big two door...oh man.