Comments - Report: 2012 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Not US Bound

Published: Jul 20, 2011
Description: According to a recent statement from Volkswagen and first reported by Car and Driver, the upcoming 2012 Passat Wagon will not be available for the North American market. The wagon prototype that was r...
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D Martin McInerney Sep 02, 2012
I heard VW was going to come up with a Passat wagon in the US that would be a "Subaru Killer". I guess from this article, that won't happen anytime soon.
Nick Christensen Jul 20, 2011
JSW is just as cool, I'm not worried at all. Smart move. Save money. People will buy JSW instead anyways
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Looks like the US version to me'. You can still get a Jetta TDI wagon here though
Robby Bradford Jul 20, 2011
Was this based off of the new US passat or the european one?
Description: Simply put, Volkswagen does not view the Passat wagon as an effective use of resources. The automaker is intent on focusing all of their attention on sales figures and cannot justify producing wagons ...
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Vincent Puopolo Jul 22, 2011
Another wagon not imported to the states. What a shame.
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Why are they developing that? What's the Tiguan for then? I don't understand what's on with some of these companies. They keep making 20 vehicles for one market. Doesn't make any sense at all.
Robby Bradford Jul 20, 2011
Agreed Ian. Especially when seen from behind Does anyone know where this picture was taken?
John Park Jul 20, 2011
Looks very nice, even has an analog clock!