Comments - 2014 Subaru WRX and Impreza Together No More

Published: Jul 20, 2011
Description: The new Subaru WRX will arrive 2014 and it will be in a completely different line from the Impreza. The new WRX will be designed as a sport coupe with a shorter wheelbase allowing much better handling...
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Adam Zarytsky Dec 23, 2011
Not sure I like the coupe idea with the brz coming out. I like coupes but I'll stick to the room of the sedan right now. I'll probably change my mind soon
Mike Hawk Jul 20, 2011
Back to the good ole days. I like!
Domi Bsaibes Jul 20, 2011
Reminds me of the legendary 22b!! Awesome!
Robby Bradford Jul 20, 2011
This is gonna be great bc it allows subie to focus on the individual cars (normal vs wrx) independantly instead of reaching something in the middle
Nick Singleton Jul 20, 2011
Agreed, I had a 99 2.5rs coupe converted to turbo for awhile and its lightness was great!!
Spencer Peirce Jul 21, 2011
Bad cars? Never had any problems with mine. Has great acceleration and corners well.
Caleb Lochridge Jul 20, 2011
STI's are bad cars. I'd love to have this model too. I liked the older style more but this is growing on me.
John Park Jul 20, 2011
Id still take an EVO X
Cory Billig Jul 20, 2011
Older models were better looking...
Greg Lewis Jul 20, 2011
This is one of the few non-muscle style cars I like. I enjoyed the earlier body style though, not this new crap.
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
I live STis. I'd prefer a hatchback though.
Chris-topher Urdas Jul 20, 2011
Still like the Mitsubishi Evo IMO
Jonathan Fowler Jul 20, 2011
Yeh, I'm pretty sure this is the current model.
Stephen Cobbs Jul 20, 2011
It just looks like they glued the front of the hatch to the sedan.
Description: The base 2014 Subaru WRX will most likely be equipped with a 1.6-liter turbocharged flat-four engine. Looking at a base output of 266hp, you can expect Subaru to make good on the talk of a twin-charge...
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Thomas Pelletier Feb 16, 2012
Its 330 bhp for the STI
Adam Zarytsky Dec 23, 2011
@Adam, it's the rules for rally homologation. Personally as long as it has that boxer sound I'd be happy with less weight
Zach Wedlund Jul 21, 2011
Because its a great excuse to twin charge the engine aka turbo & superchaged! Should get fairly decent mpg with lots of power everywhere.
Adam Lefkowitz Jul 20, 2011
They should put a bigger engine in one of them and use the other one for rallying. 99% of them wont be used as rally cars so why make them follow the regulations?
Caleb Lochridge Jul 20, 2011
I think Subaru will be able to make that thing fly regardless if it has a 1.6 or not. They are gonna take off so much weight and squeeze every bit of power out of that little motor
Reid Huff Jul 20, 2011
I think all rally should be 4 cylinder but a 1.6 is a bit ridiculous.
Kyle Fago Jul 20, 2011
The rules of rallying were changed to a 1.6 liter engine max
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 20, 2011
Wrx.....damn spell check lol.
Barry Boo Wilson Jul 20, 2011
They will make a etc that looks like a Mini for rally racing.
Description: The source continued further: "That's why we have focused so heavily on weight issues, not to mention a shorter wheelbase that permits faster, more precise turn-in. Marry that to our proven ...
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Adam Zarytsky Dec 23, 2011
@Patrick true. I'm personally becoming a bit of a Subaru fan myself an would like another STi, but it may be a WRX + aftermarket next time around
John Atkinson Sep 05, 2011
There is no 2012 wrx or sti for sale yet. And the sti starts at 33900 and the limited trim is around 36...but adding options can get near 40.
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Carbuzz says it's 33 for a base model and 37 for the limited STi. 37 is pretty spendy. I can think of a lot more cars I'd want for that.
Ori Haviv Jul 20, 2011
No your right law. A fully loaded sti is about 42gs so an sti costs around 38gs
Law Patrickus Jul 20, 2011
Nvm. That's too high. You're right
Law Patrickus Jul 20, 2011
Way more than than. Closer to 40. That's wht my friend paid for his 2012
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Not too bad pricing wise. I wonder what the STi costs? I'm guess 32-34?
Matt Schreffler Jul 21, 2011
doesnt anyoje know anything about subarus? THIS IS THE CURRENT MODEl, not the 2013/2014
Alan Milburn Jul 20, 2011
it says in the text its not an impreza yet on the back it says it is?
Cory Billig Jul 20, 2011
Back of this new model looks like a cheap Japanese POS with those headlights
Dylan Bruder Jul 20, 2011
But if ur talkin the car above it's a 4 cyl
Greg Lewis Jul 20, 2011
Subie always had the best sound 6cyl exhaust....
Marcin Witkowski Jul 20, 2011
That's how the current impreza should've looked like from the start
Chris Penza Jul 22, 2011
It's right there on my dad's jeep patriot too but he's never had a problem shifting with it there
Vincent Butler Jul 21, 2011
But of course my TL'S, it's still so much nicer
Vincent Butler Jul 21, 2011
The new WRX/STI as the same interior as my TL'S 08 same set up. Looks like they just Copy and Paste. That's hella lazy and really sad
Caleb Lochridge Jul 20, 2011
They should be showing the STI interior, so much nicer. But this isn't bad :-)
Greg Lewis Jul 20, 2011
No it's base is level with the console, so the Handel is above... I'm use to the camaro or grand am style where it is recessed down in the console, out of the way...
Michael Davidson Jul 20, 2011
But the e-brake is engaged right now, when its not engaged it is pretty much out of the way
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Yeah that is kinda of an odd spot for it.
Greg Lewis Jul 20, 2011
Shouldn't the e-brake be a lil recessed? Would get annoying right next to your wrist when shifting
Robby Bradford Jul 20, 2011
This is such a great interior
Stephen Krane Jan 03, 2012
There will still be gold rims, just cause the pic is silver doesn't mean they all are
Chris Penza Jul 22, 2011
I miss those gold rims too
Caleb Lochridge Jul 20, 2011
@ Greg, agreed. Gold rims on anything else just looks too gaudy
Mike Hawk Jul 20, 2011
Am I the only guy that laughs at noneSTi cars that have STi rims? It's like seeing Schumacher rims on civics. I used to laugh at those, years ago when it was the trend.
John Park Jul 20, 2011
Id want a blue evo with bright white 10 spokes!
Greg Lewis Jul 20, 2011
Gold rims was always the best on these cars, in fact, it was the only car that could pull off gold rims and look beast!