Comments - Vehicles For The Zombie Apocalypse

Published: Jul 19, 2011
Description: The zombie apocalypse isn't going to happen all at once. There are several stages to the End of Days, and these stages will each have their own unique challenges which will require the use of ver...
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Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
Haha yeah. It's kinda sad I talk about it so much but dammit if I'm not gonna be ready for it. I'm ready right meow.
Mike Hawk Jul 19, 2011
Patrick, you've been talking bout zombies and zombieproof cars since last year on this forum. I specifically recall a station wagon article when you brought it up, for example.
Caleb Lochridge Jul 19, 2011
Ah Zombies... This makes me want to listen to TDWP Zombie EP!!
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
Haha I have a select group of friends that pretty much all we talk about is the zombie apocalypse and what we would do if it happened. It's pretty funny
Ken Madison Jul 19, 2011
You guys have such a sense of humor. Please keep up the good work.
Kenneth Williams Jul 19, 2011
PC** CBZPC. but they count carbuzz as one word.
Stephen Ishard Jul 19, 2011
Wouldn't it be CBZCP?
Patrick Kennedy Jul 19, 2011
Ahh of course. CPCZ has never let us down
Description: Stage I: Chevy Express Van- The first reports of the virus are starting to come out. Amidst all of this confusion, you will need to get supplies out to your bunker in the woods which everybody said yo...
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Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Haha no no. The VelociRaptor is the Expedition version of the F150 Raptor. It's pretty freakin sweet.
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
I'd like the VelociRaptor.
Josh Sutton Jul 19, 2011
Yeah but then people could see whatever you had in the back...maybe an Expedition EL if they have the powerstroke engine available for it?
John Park Jul 19, 2011
100 rounds for 5 bucks?! That like 22LR haha
Ken Madison Jul 19, 2011
I got a little 7.62x51 NATO as well. Anyone in the military should make friends with the armorer. I got 5.56 in 100 round battle packs at something like 4 or 5 dollars per pack.
Ken Madison Jul 19, 2011
I have so much ammo stocked, it's not even funny. When I was in the navy I saw they would throw out old 5.56x45 FMJ ball.... I couldn't take that. My buddy who was an armorer cut me a deal to sell it to me at insanely low prices.
Greg Lewis Jul 19, 2011
Older van, carb. If you have a problem easy to fix and the auto stores carry that stuff due to cars sharing more back then. Like war of the worlds, swap the coil and go!
Stephen Ishard Jul 19, 2011
Already read it peter
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
Not to mention having a van like that is easy to find parts for if you break down
Robby Bradford Jul 19, 2011
I knew I should've listened to that minister who said the world was gonna end
Buddy Robinson Jul 19, 2011
This is during the early stage, when the world is still functioning normally.
Peter Bruschi Jul 19, 2011
lol... if you like this article, check out The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks... very good book... all you wud need to kno and more :)
Peter Bruschi Jul 19, 2011
wow... awesome article... not to get technical or anything, but in an upscale zombie uprising, where are you to find these vehicle? even better question, without electricity, the pumps go down... now where are u gonna get gas for these vehicles?
Mike Hawk Jul 21, 2011
It's the rusty baby blue colored ones that just say "sex offender" all over it. That was kinda witty with the cummins remark, though.
Kenneth Williams Jul 19, 2011
That's so wrong in more ways than one. Lol
Robby Bradford Jul 19, 2011
Haha if it was a ram it would bu cummins to get your kids lol
Eric Henning Jul 19, 2011
Its the white van of justice commin to take your children away
Description: Stage II: Ford Escape Hybrid- Those other survivors did slow you down after all, and you've only made it as far as the suburbs. You've holed up in a shopping mall, or some similar structure,...
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Ryan David Newberry Jul 21, 2011
The word hybrid and zombie don't go together lol
Caleb Alexander Jul 20, 2011
Tahoe with a brush guard and a rifle rack between the driver seat and passenger with pistol mount on the side of the door. Pretty much steal a rednecks Tahoe haha
Josh Sutton Jul 19, 2011
@John- that's what I was thinking. Probably an X5 3.0d, but it would be difficult to find one...
John Park Jul 19, 2011
Id just take a european diesal about the same size. Hella torque, better mpg
Caleb Lochridge Jul 19, 2011
"Good ground clearance for driving over the bodies that didn't make it" haha I love carbuzz
Greg Lewis Jul 19, 2011
Forget suburbs! Find those old gas stations that don't use computers! Or learn to syphon! Also stock up on octane boost cause gas does have a shelf life...
Daniel Gil Jul 20, 2011
No she had an expedition
Anthony Surdo Jul 20, 2011
She had an Escape in that movie
Nathan Geiter Jul 19, 2011
He drove an expedition, I don't know what she drove...
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
I'm pretty sure it was an Expedition. Oh well.
Stephen Cobbs Jul 19, 2011
Thats the car the girl used in "I Am Legend." Just sayin
Justin Venturelli Jul 19, 2011
Isnt Ford "escape" is a little ironic?
Description: Stage III: Dodge Challenger R/T- You have a well-fortified base of operations in an area which doesn't see quite as much zombie activity as the city centers have to contend with. What you nee...
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Josh Sutton Jul 19, 2011
In this scenario though...if it was 87 octane or water...
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
I don't think it NEEDS premium but it's always "recommended". I wouldn't put anything other than premium in it though if I had one. It's too sweet of a ride.
Josh Sutton Jul 19, 2011
Does the SRT-8 need premium?
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
Nah Hemi can run on anything. I tried to put at least 89 octane in mine when I had it though
Jason Dannheim Jul 19, 2011
Doesn't the HEMI take only premium too? Or am I mistaken?
Anthony J. Mitchell Jul 19, 2011
A challenger would be perfect for running down zombies.
Greg Lewis Jul 19, 2011
The weight here is key, also largest trunk for quick in and out supply run. And yeah walking dead was a 6 hour movie! I got the DVD and watched it all night. Can't wait for more!
Stephen Ishard Jul 19, 2011
Yeah but a four door makes it easier for zombies to get in
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jul 19, 2011
I knew my dream car was going to show up somewhere.
Patrick Schalk Jul 19, 2011
Walking Dead is an awesome show!!!
Emmitt Turns Wright Jul 19, 2011
Plus, the challenger is heavy and wide, making it a prime candidate for smashing through the masses
Rueben J Yslas Jul 19, 2011
True bout the windows on the camaro lol I have the new maro and damn the windows are small but that could b a good thing
Jacob McCord Jul 21, 2011
now this is when the challys weight comes in handy. put a brush gaurd in front and ur set
Caleb Lochridge Jul 19, 2011
Ya, and shifting would be difficult while driving and shooting a 12 ga pump
Greg Lewis Jul 19, 2011
Automatic though, in the heat of the moment, you would not want to stall!
Edward Rios Jul 19, 2011
Oh yes.....That's my baby.
Description: Stage IV: Conquest Vehicles Knight XV- This is the type of vehicle most commonly associated with the zombie apocalypse, a big armored vehicle which can withstand all kinds of abuse. You will need this...
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Edith Wharton Jul 25, 2011
Tahoe? Really? The knight xv is the best
Caleb Alexander Jul 20, 2011
Tahoe or bearcat. I don't wanna die in a gay looking suv apc crossover
Caleb Lochridge Jul 19, 2011
Wouldn't this car work great for all stages? Lol
Marcel Dawson Jul 21, 2011
They make 100 a year... Its based off an f550
Patrick Schalk Jul 20, 2011
Is this actually a production vehicle? I thought they were specially made? Anyone know?
Gerald Guevara Jul 20, 2011
US has the hummer Canada has the Knight XV. Just don't tell the rappers about it.
Daniel Lay Jul 20, 2011
@Caleb I know exactly what u mean my main pic is me with the lead singer
Jordan Browne Jul 19, 2011
Holy $&#% who makes this thing i need one of these for my malitia
Reid Huff Jul 19, 2011
I think the marauder from top gear would be better
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Jul 19, 2011
Oh yes. Should be easy to find one of these around the corner
Caleb Lochridge Jul 19, 2011
@ Daniel, yes!! TDWP will be playing the whole time and anyone who doesn't like it... Well... It happens a little more than 3 minutes on their song escape right after the breakdown, that's all I'm saying :-)
Anthony J. Mitchell Jul 19, 2011
Daniel... Comment of the week goes to you. Repopulate is a must!
Daniel Lay Jul 19, 2011
Not to mention run over all zombies in sight. Rescue a few super fine 10's. Someones gonna have to repopulate
Daniel Lay Jul 19, 2011
The whole time the zombie album by "tdwp" will be playing over the stereo
Phillip Fitchew Jul 19, 2011
@ Kenneth I heard that. :) That guy ended up getting jacked TWICE by the same
Kenneth Williams Jul 19, 2011
This is all you need. And if you run into 2 young girls/teenagers... Leave 'em
Kevin Watson Jul 19, 2011
NOW you talking, this zombie would love to have this!
Description: Stage V: Ford Pursuit Special- The last of the zombies have been wiped out, but they have taken the world's governments and most of its population with them. Roving band of marauders now control ...
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Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jul 20, 2013
1969 dodge charger would be better
Josh Hooper Jan 23, 2013
Idk I think I would end up taking an 1971 AMC AMX Javelin. Its the perfect apocalypse vehicle
Sebastian Grey Jul 20, 2011
This is for the new-age Road Warrior.
Anthony Surdo Jul 20, 2011
Really sweet article guys!
Spencer Peirce Jul 19, 2011
Great article guys. Had a good laugh.
Ducati Manning Jul 21, 2011
1000+ hp diesel trucks can get 20 mpg highway
Robert Lantz Jul 21, 2011
Get a truck good for all stages Eco boost ford hybrid silverado ha dodge has none of that
Gerald Guevara Jul 20, 2011
The Knight XV will be suitable for all stages of the zombie apocalypse except the 1st stage.
Caleb Alexander Jul 20, 2011
Mustang would be nicer. Or trick them with a bolt on armored plated prius haha.
Brett Powers Jul 20, 2011
That is a 70-71 torino, not the falcon that it should be...
Drew J. Kleyweg Jul 19, 2011
sucha shame to get guts all over the windows
Nico Morelli Jul 19, 2011
Na you guys missed it, all the zombies are gone, what this is for is to hold off other groups of survivors who want your resources lol
Dylan Bruder Jul 19, 2011
Not a ford guy but that is awesome lol
Greg Lewis Jul 19, 2011
Wait, we avoiding zombies or picking up chicks?
Kevin Watson Jul 19, 2011
Here zombies, zombies,zombies? Lol