Comments - Suzuki Getting Ready To Launch 2012 Swift Sport

Published: Jul 18, 2011
Description: Suzuki has confirmed plans to produce a Swift Sport next year. It will be based on the S-Concept that was unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The upcoming trim is expected to feature...
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Jason Oliver Jul 18, 2011
The only joke is you knob head -Suzuki are a great brand- have you driven a sport looser
Description: The interior will feature Recaro styled seats, carbon fiber trim and a new steering wheel. The exterior will include a new bodywork design, new headlights, upgraded Brembo brakes, rear roof spoiler an...
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Md Farock Ayut Dec 10, 2011
Wide body look great on it
Michael Gallagher Jul 19, 2011
I'm not a fan of Suzuki at all, that's one company I laugh at. But this is an alright looking compact. Good for them.
Phillip Fitchew Jul 18, 2011
Looks nice to me, too.
Adam Thomson Apr 19, 2013
I love that shifter
Robby Bradford Jul 18, 2011
Classic Japanese car interior... nothing wrong with it, gets the job done but is way overused
Ydj Young Jul 18, 2011
Needs 190-220 hp or so! Especially with this kind of bodywork.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jul 18, 2011
Pretty good on the styling, sharp little hatch with...piss poor performance by the way the article is wrote. I still wouldn't put any stock into it.
Phillip Fitchew Jul 18, 2011
Really like the styling.