Comments - Aston Martin Channels James Bond, Heads to Alaska

Published: Jul 15, 2011
Description: If you remember the James Bond film Die Another Day, then you must have loved the ice chase scene. Well, in my opinion it was the best scene in one of my least favorite Bond movies. So, of course when...
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Carter Sullivan Jul 15, 2011
I noticed the same thing! It's more fun to read
Raymond Reynoso Jul 15, 2011
I like that CarBuzz is making the articles "friendlier" rather than just reporting car news. I see character being built
Description: Ending in Deadhorse, Alaska, Aston Martin wants to show the ability of the Rapide to adapt and handle extreme climates. The Aston Martin Vanquish which appeared in the movie was also a V12, but it was...
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Daniel Lay Jul 16, 2011
Yeah they have a fuel truck
Edward Rios Jul 15, 2011
Good luck finding enough gas stations to keep that V 12 satisfied. Since it is one of the most desolate roads, I'm going to assume they have a gas truck with them as part of the support crew.
Joey Pena Jul 15, 2011
not to mention the bond movie car used a mustang v8 which was smaller to make room for all the missiles and props that pop out the front.
Zaire Wilkins Jul 14, 2012
wow that was real? and that car used to look good to me when i was in the 3rd grade which was in 03
Lachlan Kent Feb 03, 2012
If been in one of these
Yash Sahay Dec 31, 2011
This is the vanquish which the Q called vanish it's from 007 "die another day"
Christian Pontalti Jul 30, 2011
Yeah you see that ice hotel in the backround is from the movie
Andy Rogers Jul 16, 2011
It probably broke down being an Aston... ;)
Rory Scanlan Jul 16, 2011
I can't believe nobody noticed the trees and sand until chris
Chris Donovan Jul 16, 2011
not to mention the green trees and sand off to the left... definetly a set
Manraj Jaswal Jul 16, 2011
Not a rapide this us from die another day most likely
Tom Venet Jul 15, 2011
ppl in Alaska aclimatize to the weather that's how they were short sleeve shirts
Chris Penza Jul 15, 2011
At least the engine won't overheat
Andy Kleschick Jul 15, 2011
That's definitely not Alaska. Unless it's the middle of summer and the snow is fake.
Robby Bradford Jul 15, 2011
@Alex this is being filmed somewhere in california so it's all gonna be faked... I do think the Aston Martin looks pretty intense here
Alex Leu Jul 15, 2011
It looks like all the guys in the background are wearing sleeveless shirts!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Jul 15, 2011
Now THIS is what should we see on action movies. It's more than cool, it's freezing.