Comments - Tumi Gives MINI a Reason Not To Forget Any Luggage

Published: Jul 14, 2011
Description: It seems as if boutique firms of any type just love getting their hands on anything to do with MINI. And now, luggage company Tumi has joined forces with MINI to design a pair of special edition Clubm...
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Description: Each also comes with unique luggage sets by Tumi, who also used their own fabrics for the cars' interior. No word yet on pricing or the specific number of units that will be built. Chances are th...
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Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Jul 14, 2011
Who buys this stuff? And do they drive them?
Erik Scherer Jul 17, 2011
No amount of aftermarket bits, can help the clubman!
Luis Enrique Lara Jul 14, 2011
@ peter LOL totally true
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Jul 14, 2011
Even the tires are painted orange :0
Jethroll Sarduy Jul 14, 2011
I can do the green, but the orange is a no no.
Charles Spencer Jul 14, 2011
Never heard of orange walled tires either haha
Peter Bruschi Jul 14, 2011
totally man... nd who the hell thought tht barf green went well with traffic cone orange?
Andy Kleschick Jul 14, 2011
That luggage rack looks out of place on it.
Andy Kleschick Jul 14, 2011
The exterior looks bad with the color scheme, the interior color scheme looks not too shabby to me.
Scott M Allen Jul 14, 2011
is it green carbon fiber vynle wrapped or is this just a bad quality picture?
Kevin Watson Jul 17, 2011
Better than the other one for sure.
Daniel Lay Jul 14, 2011
I actually like this one
Peter Bruschi Jul 14, 2011
k this ones a little better on the colors, i still wudnt buy it tho