Comments - 1963 Volkswagen Bus Goes For Big Money At Auction

Published: Jul 10, 2011
Description: If you had $271,800 to spend on a car, which one would you choose? Just to give you an idea on what you could have bought for that money, here are a few examples: A new Lamborghini Gallardo starts fro...
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Patrick Schalk Jul 11, 2011
You guys gotta watch some SNL Best of Will Ferrell
Marthy Gajardo Jul 10, 2011
If you can throw down who the heck cares!
Brad Henson Jul 10, 2011
Idk is there a cure for mad cow disease?
Patrick Schalk Jul 10, 2011
Let me' ask YOU a question: If you had the choice between being the top scientist in your field or having mad cow disease, which one would you choose?
Description: Or perhaps would you spend that cash on a 1963 Volkswagen 23 Window Bus? Well, one "lucky" bidder won the 23 Window Bus at the Barrett-Jackson Orange County Auction last weekend with a stagg...
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Trevor Brown Jul 11, 2011
They should produce a few of the Bulli concept from Geneva. That thing was pretty awesome.
Patrick Schalk Jul 10, 2011
Yeah. I'd make like 1500 of em. They would all sell. Everyone loves the old VW buses.
Robby Bradford Jul 10, 2011
Gosh I love these cars @Patrick that would be a great idea but very expensive and they have the routan. Limited run perhaps?
DoctorSeth IsaBoss Switzer Jul 10, 2011
I saw that I couldn't believe that someone paid that much for a vw bus and it's an ugly color and there was another bus before it I think it was red, but that only sold for like 45,000 hahahahaha crazy!
Shane Carroll Jul 10, 2011
I want one of these for tooling around town Friday night
Patrick Schalk Jul 10, 2011
Dang. That is so cool. I wish VW would make these again. Do a retro thing like how the Big 3 did with the new muscle cars.
David Bright Jul 10, 2011
Looks like it's in awesome shape
Peter Bruschi Jul 10, 2011
i saw tht thing go, i flipped on barret jackson for like 10 minutes... beautiful car
Description: The owner can now lay back and listen to The Beach Boys Good Vibrations while cruising the open highways or empty bus stations looking for passengers. All kidding aside, this Volkswagen Bus will most ...
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Daniel Lay Jul 10, 2011
Could have 10 people passing around joints
Robby Bradford Jul 10, 2011
Didn't realize this thing was that big... thought it was a seven-or-eight-seater
Shane Carroll Jul 10, 2011
I can imagine back in the day loading this thing up with 10 people and hitting the beach
Sean Hisel Jul 10, 2011
That's a lot of space
David Bright Jul 10, 2011
Wow, that's in amazing shape
Sebastian Grey Jul 10, 2011
That is the cleanest engine bay I've ever seen.
Shane Carroll Jul 10, 2011
Yeah there's not much to em, one of the reasons a lot of people make Dune Bugs. My uncle used to have one, if it broke a belt he'd tie panty hose around the pulleys and keep going
Eric Henning Jul 10, 2011
Took one of these apart yesterday very simple engine
Ján Kubecka Jul 10, 2011
That's in good nick, nice job