Comments - Video: Greenpeace ‘Uses the Force’ Against VW

Published: Jul 01, 2011
Description: Videos put on websites such as YouTube have gained huge followings and has become a great and cost effective way for companies and organizations to expand their reach.

Greenpeace, the highly...
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Thomas Freymann Jul 06, 2011
Shouldnt it be greenhouse effects that are increased? ^^ never heard about Carbon dioxide destroying ozone personaly! greenpeace should decrease its own carbon dioxide emissions before yelling at car makers... Just look at their huge diesel "efficient" boats... That's the pot calling the kettle black!
Adam Zarytsky Jul 03, 2011
Lol ironic autocorrect grammar fail
Adam Zarytsky Jul 03, 2011
@Jonathan, who the he'll cares?
Jonathan Cano Jul 02, 2011
Is it me or does it seem like there some type of grammatical error in the first paragraph
Phillip Alexander Jul 01, 2011
I hear that kristoff!drive what you want and leave our real cars alone!
Description: Greenpeace has decided to take on VW in the battle for a cleaner planet and cleaner automotive emissions.

Greenpeace is claiming that VW is opposing cuts to CO2 emissions and put together a f...
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Ken Louise Jul 02, 2011
Bloody greenpeace bastards. I don't understand why people are against cars. They have done so much for society yet they get condemned for "killing the planet". Bet at least one of those morons drive a car.
Adam Page Jul 01, 2011
Video no longer available due to copyright violations by lucas films... Fail...
Phillip Alexander Jul 01, 2011
Straight up sick of the media acting like everyone but big corporations and sarah palin feel that way.these people start political junk and then people give them all kinds of money.what are thy doin with that cuz there a bunch more windmills.
Matt Robbins Jul 01, 2011
Props to VW for sticking up for themselves if it's true. I'm tired of minority special interests groups trying to control everything. VW has earned more respect from me now.
William Forgham Jul 01, 2011
The picture at the end if the article makes me want to watch it more.
Adam Zarytsky Jul 01, 2011
Grew peace is such a joke haha
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 01, 2011
the video is pulled what a joke...
Description: Watch out for 8 year old Lando Calrissian aka Billy Dee Williams rocking that awesome 'stache. Classic.

With over 130,000 views already, you do have to give Greenpeace credit, it is a te...
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Anthony Villa-Garcia Jul 01, 2011
Best commercial ever!!! XD
Spencer Peirce Jul 01, 2011
Hahaha I love it. I had to watch it twice. Stars wars may or may not be my soft spot...
Tyson Broadbent Jul 01, 2011
This ad is bantha fodder!
Charles David Eugene White Jul 03, 2011
@Patrick Schmighty indeed...
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2011
Light sabers schmightsabers. I'd just pull out a gun and get gangsta on some Star Wars nerds
Tyson Broadbent Jul 01, 2011
@Patrick But they have lightsabres!
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 01, 2011
the force is strong with this one
Patrick Schalk Jul 01, 2011
I would beat the crap out of all those kids. No way they can beat me up. I'd punch all of them in the face.