Comments - Unique Of The Week: 1970 AMC AMX

Published: Jul 01, 2011
Description: As the story goes, some automakers live and others, well, they go bankrupt. AMC was one of the latter and their AMX never had the chance to evolve into a modern day muscle car like the Mustang and th...
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Edward Rios Jul 02, 2011
I had one of these when I was a kid. It was a piece of shit then, and even if it's restored, I'm pretty sure it's a piece of shit now. And to call it a muscle car is a joke!
Mike Hawk Jul 02, 2011
I was more of a 'Cuda fan
Lance Pariseau Jul 01, 2011
My step-dad has a 1970 bright blue amx with the 360, auto trans, and the go pack. BEAUTIFUL CAR!
Brett Powers Jul 03, 2011
What? Seriously? How didnt you know that?
Mike Hawk Jul 02, 2011
I had to google this... AMC acquired Jeep, and both were later acquired by Renault. AMC transitioned into the Eagle brand, when both brands were sold to Chrysler. Jeep/Eagle
Jacob McCord Jul 02, 2011
he's saying he don't like muscle cars. I'd rather have a muscle car than today's cars. would be great to drive and show off.
Emmitt Turns Wright Jul 02, 2011
@m piccolo I'm not quite sure of what you are saying... And "despise" *
Emmanuel Irizarry Jul 01, 2011
@ducati. I'm pretty sure that JEEP is older than AMC so I don't know where u got that info from. But be free to correct me if I'm wrong
Rueben J Yslas Jul 01, 2011
Reminds me alot of the ford Torino except the back window
Ducati Manning Jul 01, 2011
Amc became jeep after it was bought by Chrysler and they removed all the cars from the lineup
Jacob McCord Jul 01, 2011
it's an AMC, that company isn't around anymore. so finding these would surprise you and you would want to restore it.
Spencer Peirce Jul 01, 2011
Its not about the quality of the restoration, really, I just don't think it's a very good looking car. Much better vehicles at that time.
Shane Carroll Jul 01, 2011
Its really not bad considering the age
Blake Mankin Jul 01, 2011
Might look bad now but it's got so much potential who ever owns it when it's restored is one lucky man
Description: Other features include a dealer installed AM radio, an all-new clutch, power steering, bucket seats, tachometer, power disc brakes, and a sport steering wheel.

It was originally painted golde...
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AJ Haverly Jul 02, 2011
oh my god an am radio I've always wanted one of those
Kyle Nistler Jul 01, 2011
Nope that was an actual color
Brad Henson Jul 01, 2011
"painted golden lime gold" I think that's a typo or the writer is an idiot
Sean Hisel Jul 01, 2011
I didn't know a clean AMC engine was porn...
Ducati Manning Jul 01, 2011
And the new cars when you take that cover off is a mass of wires going every which way
Shane Carroll Jul 01, 2011
Back in the good old days, when you popped the hood and saw engine, not a big slab of plastic
Description: Performance wise, it could go from 0 to 60mph in 6.6 seconds with a top speed of 122mph.

Overall, it appears to be in solid shape and would be a wonderful project car. Its current bid is $7,...
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Taylor J. Blake Jul 01, 2011
That was a pretty fast 0-60 in the 70s
Phil Hefenieder Jul 01, 2011
My ion can do 122 :P
Emmanuel Irizarry Jul 01, 2011
Not euro boxes, ricer pots I just wish I could put all of the piece o'shit ricers in a big blender and destroy the all
Sam C-h Jul 01, 2011
Braydon there's the problem, people recycle too many old cars, meaning they become rarer, and more new boring euro boxes are built to replace them, making our roads dull.
Braydon Pack Jul 01, 2011
Just recycle this tin can.
Andy Kleschick Jul 01, 2011
Wait wait wait.... I thought the seller said this was in solid condition. Most people I know wouldn't wanna drive a car that every time they get out, they have to stick a lint roller to their butts to get the foam off.
Jacob McCord Jul 01, 2011
yeah, whenever u find something like this, you want to restore it, your way or the original way
Patrick Schalk Jul 01, 2011
Haha not a problem Tyson, that is called an opportunity for improvement. That's the way I look at cars. When I see a spot like this I think, "Hell yeah I'm gonna make this look so good when it's done.".
Tyson Broadbent Jul 01, 2011
Well there's you problem.
Peter Bruschi Jul 03, 2011
lol they had the stone age, the iron age... the 70's was the wood age XD
Jacob McCord Jul 02, 2011
the wood trim was all the hype back in those times.
Patrick Schalk Jul 02, 2011
Haha. I don't like the wood trim. I'd do like a flat black or maybe a gloss black for gauges.
Jimmy Atkinson Jul 02, 2011
95000! Ha! That's probably 395000!!