Comments - Rumor: Shelby Bringing Back Rent-A-Racer Mustangs?

Published: Jul 01, 2011
Description: Shelby American may be bringing back its hugely popular Rent-A-Racer program, according to AutoWeek.

The program began four years after the company's inception in 1966 when Shelby hooke...
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Andy Rogers Jul 04, 2011
Yes please! Can I rent it and never give it back?
Brian Ayala Jul 01, 2011
Yea. Basically just a gt with an appearance package. But those things sell for super cheap. Beat to shit tho.
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 01, 2011
Chris it will be just a base gt but with a lil up dress lol
William Forgham Jul 01, 2011
The GT-H is without a doubt, my favorite special edition car. I saw one a couple of years ago, and it was just amazing.
Chris Penza Jul 01, 2011
Will they be gt500h or gt350h?
Adam Lopinsky Jul 01, 2011
Because if anything seems like a good idea it's buying a used rental car that people have abused...
Description: The racer in consideration for this program is the Mustang GT, upgraded for 'enthusiast-oriented' consumers.

The Mustang GT derives its power from a 5.0-liter V8 giving it a solid 4...
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Chris McCormick Dec 31, 2012
Old one or 'Bullit' Mustang or 1970 boss 302
Robert Lantz Jul 11, 2011
No Josh leave the old one alone sounds way better than the new mustang classic sounds better than the new
Andy Rogers Jul 04, 2011
@Patrick Same here. People can call me a redneck all they want. They'll be the ones being smoked by this dim witted redneck
Andy Rogers Jul 04, 2011
@Josh Then it wouldn't really be a Mustang any more
Andy Rogers Jul 04, 2011
@Jack Well nobody needs anything enjoyable for that matter. So sod off
Levi Holbrook Jul 02, 2011
And don't forget the aftermarket tail/head lights that makes 2000hp
Luis Ruiz Jul 01, 2011
Desperate for some cash, mustangs are dying haha
Josh Higgins Jul 01, 2011
Na is old skoll the mustang needs a kick in the ass from some boost and a nice big blue pill to make it crank
Patrick Schalk Jul 01, 2011
Damn straight Shane. And we also get 500hp out of a NA engine. If that means being a redneck then I'm fine with it.
Shane Carroll Jul 01, 2011
@Alex what do you mean. A real redneck goes for heads, intake and a big cam. Then we get made fun of for getting 5 mpg
Michael Wilson Jul 01, 2011
@ adam dont forget if he adds some rims itll go up to 2000
Michael Blalock Jul 01, 2011
That's a good idea. This way you can give people a chance to drive a mustang. They might like it and buy one. It's a good way to test the import crowd.
Brad Henson Jul 01, 2011
The new mustang have cold air intake so...
Josh Jenkins Jul 01, 2011
Right mustang I mean
Josh Jenkins Jul 01, 2011
How is a 102 hp civic gonna beat these? A cold air intake is what it says but the newer mustang on the left has 315 hp and will probably not get blown out of the water, or even get walked for that matter.
Spencer Peirce Jul 01, 2011
A civic owner may try to steal the racing stripes..
Robby Bradford Jul 01, 2011
If I went on a vacation, this would be my rental car
Shane Carroll Jul 01, 2011
A civic owner won't want it. It doesn't have a cold air intake. His engine will, so his will blow these out of the water
Greg Lewis Jul 01, 2011
Such great cars, though I think nowadays itd be a bit harder to steal the engine out... Bet some civic owner will try though!
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 01, 2011
run it all night and then take it back :p
Ryan Chamberlain Jul 01, 2011
if the program starts again I found my new drag strip car every Friday night LOL
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jul 01, 2011
I would take a Match 1 1969 or a boss 1969
Spencer Peirce Jul 01, 2011
I'll take the old one. In a heartbeat.
Bryce Geesey Jul 01, 2011
I wonder if people will steal the engines from the rentals like they did in the sixties... :P lulz