Comments - Unveiled: 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Published: Jun 09, 2011
Description: The Mercedes-Benz M-Class, Merc's bread-and-butter crossover has received a redesign, and following a recent leak, Mercedes has given us an official unveiling ahead of the planned Frankfurt showi...
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Travis Lee Deephouse Jun 12, 2011
Not diggin the front end too much. Love the new interior though, looks nice and comfy. Also like how MB is putting the LED fogs on all their cars. Nice touch. :-)
Bryan Wesly Pascual Jun 10, 2011
The shape resembles the platform of GC or Durango!
Tom Franquelli Jun 09, 2011
Wow. The perfect car for bitchy housewives to cart their children around in gets an update. I'm sure it's a great car, but bought exclusively by cocks. For their bitch wives.
Morgan Dame Jun 09, 2011
I just want them to keep the current design
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jun 09, 2011
Very nice. The sunroof is awesome
Vinay Rao Jun 09, 2011
Much better than the old M-Class.
Bryan Thomsen Jun 09, 2011
It dislike MB SUVs but this one has a nice look to it
Michael Ioia Jun 09, 2011
The roof isn't black, it's all glass. Panoramic sunroof.
Description: We don't have a price yet, but we do have this video. Enjoy.
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Dav Executive-Auto Jun 22, 2011
2012 Mercedes-Benz ml
Ori Haviv Jun 10, 2011
That's nice. I like the new design. No let's see the new GL
David Grippin Jun 09, 2011
looks like the new explorer... ugly
J-p B. Poirier Jun 09, 2011
Headlights look like c class(2006) and taillights look like vw routan
Mike Botté Jun 09, 2011
Worse then the front.
Ydj Young Jun 09, 2011
E class lights indeed.
Alex Cameron Jun 09, 2011
Tail lights kinda remind me of VW
Andy Kleschick Jun 09, 2011
Yeah it might. Not that any sane person would want to take it and use it as an offroad vehicle or take it for a Sunday ride in the desert.
Erik Rudolph Oct 27, 2011
It's the same platform as the new grand cherokee
Ori Haviv Jun 10, 2011
Doesn't look like a GL. Looks like the size of a GL kind of. But the back is a little weird from this angle. Kind of wagon look
Pierre E Jean Jun 09, 2011
Idk the back looks weird its too squarish, the rear bumper is too big it looks like a GL
Mike Botté Jun 09, 2011
Looks like a baby ford explored or a c class wagon. And I never compare cars to POS ford. Smhh
Ekarat Anusatsiriporn Jun 09, 2011
I think it the side look like Toyota fortuner
Nick Smith Jun 09, 2011
The back side has a little Grand Cherokee in it IMO
Cory Billig Jun 10, 2011
It actually looks like another cars interior but I can't think of it.. But I do like the wood trim
Riley Gonzales Jun 09, 2011
So merc "borrows" the gc's amazing interior and the gc just steals the chasis. anyway i still like the gc better than this
Aaron Manalil Jun 09, 2011
I love luxury cars theres only one problem mpg . Sure they're good but we know they can improve them. Love this car
Mike Botté Jun 09, 2011
Interior reminds me of same interior as jeep gc overland.
Ydj Young Jun 09, 2011
That will probably be a very expensive option, but it looks really classy.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Mar 21, 2012
What's awkward is the jeep is nicer haha
Eng Ahmad Jun 10, 2011
It has gr8 details and beautiful finishes which makes it look classy
Eng Ahmad Jun 10, 2011
Loool ppl r u comparing gc with this masterpiece !! The gc always look so cheep !!
Julian Pilinci Jun 09, 2011
Beautiful and compact interior.
Aaron Manalil Jun 09, 2011
I like it better when the wood is glossy
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 09, 2011
You can see the shifter so slightly above the right side steering wheel function buttons.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 09, 2011
I own an ML and I can tell you the shifter is behind the right side of the steering wheel and is a stick (like windshield wipers) and there are BUTTON shifters behind the steering wheel.
John Rosenberg Jun 09, 2011
The GPS will even tell you you're in the dessert! No more getting lost
Bassem Zahili Jun 09, 2011
It's not the knob. It's hidden behind the wheel in this pic (I have a 2010 ML, same shifter) the knob is for the command system
Ydj Young Jun 09, 2011
Yeah probably automatic with Paddles behind the wheel.
Alex Cameron Jun 09, 2011
Maybe the did what BMW did with the previous gen 7's and put the selector behind the steering wheel like a minivan lol
Sean M. Penfield Jun 09, 2011
Where is the gear selecter??
Shaylen Kumar Patel Jun 09, 2011
@chris they are the same vehicles almost. Just minor differences
Chris-topher Urdas Jun 09, 2011
Interior reminds me of the jeep grand Cherokee
Sebastian Herdoiza Jun 09, 2011
This is a very nice interior