Comments - Tesla Releases Official Photos Of Model S Alpha

Published: Jun 08, 2011
Description: Tesla Motors has just released some new photos of their upcoming Model S Alpha. Compared to an earlier prototype, the production model features a different lower front fascia that's a bit more ag...
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Luis Enrique Lara Jul 11, 2011
Why does tesla has yo use british designs first they use the lotus now a jag but anyway beautiful car
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jun 21, 2011
Not a big fan of how tells takes ideas from other cars designs, the roadster is basically a lotus evora, and this one looks like it's off a jaguar platform with new ford headlights
Travis Lee Deephouse Jun 14, 2011
When can I order one??? :-(
Goh Yanche Jun 09, 2011
Aston Martin door handles.
Duncan Jolley Jun 09, 2011
I'm curious, Pedro. What is your dream car? BTW, nice cars!
Jerry Townsend Jun 08, 2011
Wow, very sexy. This is a major step in the history of electric car styling IMO.... Very excited to see how well this car performs and holds up in the future.
Jonathan Newcastle Jun 08, 2011
This looks like it's built off of the XF platform...
Tom Semsky Jun 08, 2011
Aston, performance is not an opinion.
Scott Lenahan Jun 08, 2011
top gear uk rocks. yes they are opinionated but who isnt. this thread shows that.. its their opinions that make the show so funny..
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
Yeah I agree the US Top Gear is sucky but I'll take what I can get. Foust is cool though. The other two need to go away.
Will Conover Jun 08, 2011
On the American top gear they have tanner foust. I would say he has racing background
Tom Semsky Jun 08, 2011
It's not a hole Kenny, see the reflection?
Kenny Cavallo Jun 08, 2011
lol @ big gaping hole on the front of an electric car. not that it doesn't look good...
Tom Semsky Jun 08, 2011
Taylor, don't get mad because he made a few good points. Even Patrick agrees too. We were talking about their biased opinions, not how honest they are. Clarkson hates Porsche and you'll never hear him say a single good thing about them.
Taylor Holloway Jun 08, 2011
Funny, informative and know a hell of a lot more about what they're talking about then you
Taylor Holloway Jun 08, 2011
Pedro just shutup. You don't have any engineering history or racing history. They know what they're talking about and although they are brutally honest I'd rather hear someones honest opinion than some guy lie about a car that isn't good. They're
Tom Semsky Jun 08, 2011
Feel better Pedro? Lol I do agree with what you said about them being biased and lack of racing experience. Guys, go to YouTube and watch "super coupes time attack!" and listen to how different the commentary is between a real race car driver and the guys from top gear
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
But I don't agree that they HAVE to be engineers to know styling and such. They've driven way more cars than any of us an know their history well. But I do agree it would help if they knew more about the mechanical aspects of each vehicle.
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
I halfway agree with you Pedro. They are extremely biased and a lot of times I don't understand where/why their opinions come from because they make weird observations about thing la normal people don't care about or wouldn't notice.
Tom Semsky Jun 08, 2011
I agree with Pedro. How do you guys still like that show after they screwed over Tesla? Just an example of their ignorance toward what they don't like. Google "tesla lawsuit" and read about all the stuff they lied about. They basically gave the worst possible outcome for the car and said "thats how it is!" For example they said the cars range was 55 miles on their track but failed to say that's ...
Duncan Jolley Jun 08, 2011
Looks better then earlier pics.
Michael Palazzo Jun 08, 2011
I agree with everyone that says it looks like a Citro�n
Luke Bailey Jun 08, 2011
i completely disagree with rather hear what the guys at top gear have to say about a car over engineers any day....
Adam Zarytsky Jun 08, 2011
Yeah it looks good but I too see that Sonata hybrid grille
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
Wow I like that a lot. Really good looking car.
Todd Randall Jun 08, 2011
Thats beautiful! Looks like a citroen kinda
Peter Bruschi Jun 08, 2011
i think they threw the ford fusion, the new chrysler 300, and the maserati quatroporte in a blender... nothin wrong with tht, this car came out pretty nice...
Jerrod Swenson Jun 08, 2011
Why do they put a fake grill on an electric car?
Sam C-h Jun 08, 2011
I really like it, it's the first properly beautiful EV that's not the roadster, even then I think this is better looking.
Reade Shand Jun 08, 2011
Stunning piece of style and technology! Truly unique in every way, love it and want one!
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
ow anyway. It's people who love cars driving cars, not engineers and mechanics tearing them apart.
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
Pedro, and I assume you do? And besides, I feel like what you mentioned would skew testing cars, preventing the Everyman from comprehending, much less applying automotive advice. I'm not saying they're always right, but that's not the point of the sh
Andrew Mullin Jun 08, 2011
I see a little maserati in it, looks good!
Spencer Peirce Jun 08, 2011
Veerry nice. They pulled through with that design again.
Shaun Conroy Jun 08, 2011
Top Gear is "Da bomb", and though I don't agree with everything J Clarkson says, I admire his brutal honesty.
Fernando Molina Jun 08, 2011
It looks like a Chrysler 200 mixed with and Aston Martin... But yeah it does look nice!
Description: With the recent delay of the Fisker Karma (the main competitor to the Model S), Tesla would be wise to take advantage of this and get their long-promised EV sedan to waiting customers. Tesla plans for...
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Jerry Townsend Jun 08, 2011
Yeah I saw that too. If they get it down to 40 then it would sell like hot cakes. Lol.
Miko Reginella Jun 08, 2011
This information has been out for a while. The base msrp is around $50,000....not that bad
Dennis Rech Jun 08, 2011
The same was said about the roadster and by the time it came out it cost much more. With Tesla strapped for cash you won't see me holding my breath.
Adam Vinski Jun 08, 2011
This is about 60 large, not That bad for a nice looking sedan ev. It'll sell I'd say
Dennis Rech Jun 08, 2011
Especially if your willing to buy a car a couple of years old. I've seen f430's, ZR-1's, Maserati's and so on. Lightly used and well depreciated. Seems to be a no brainer to me.
Dennis Rech Jun 08, 2011
My problem with Tesla is the price. They charged over $100,000 for the roadster and that was just a modified Elise. What do you think they will charge for self built car? There are just too many better options at this price range.
Max Hümmer Jul 03, 2011
This looks like a Ford Mondeo!!
Zach Pate Jun 09, 2011
Looks somewhat like an Aston martin
Mattaius Younger Jun 08, 2011
Evs would be fine if they had solar panels on them and kept charged as you drive - otherwise you are still using fossil fuels to make the energy sane as with petrol cars now
Jerry Townsend Jun 08, 2011
And anything that will generate appeal toward the EV market is a plus... As long as it's not an exact copy. Similar....that's ok. Lol
Jerry Townsend Jun 08, 2011
Lol@Andrew, but even though every one says this car may resemble many others, it's way better than some of the other EVs out there that don't resemble anything but failed car designs that slipped through the cracks and made it to the production line.
Andrew Mullin Jun 08, 2011
Well no one has said it so far so i feel obligated to say it - corvette is better, oh and audi lights! (please note that this is a joke and is not to be taken seriously)
Vladimir Chausenko Jun 08, 2011
coupe version would be awesome!
Lukas Lebs Jun 08, 2011
I ment XF lol sry i double checked after i posted
Lukas Lebs Jun 08, 2011
The back has a look of the XJS jag 2011
Duncan Jolley Jun 08, 2011
I want to see a coupe version of this!
Phillip Fitchew Jun 08, 2011
@ Kareem Can you honestly say, with certainty, that there are cars that don't borrow from or resemble any other elements from any other cars? I didn't think so.
Avery Doyal Jun 08, 2011
I kinda see some ford focus In it as well.
Tyson Stewart Jun 08, 2011
This is one ev that I really like!
Peter Bruschi Jun 08, 2011
yea backend screams jag, especially if the rear deck was longer
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
I hate to compare but it looks like a fancy version of those new Kias. Not gonna lie. A little rounder, but still.
Andrew Mullin Jun 08, 2011
Wow this is what ev's should look like!
Spencer Peirce Jun 08, 2011
Yeah usually I won't go here but that is entirely too similar to the jaguar design. Still nice though.
Shaun Conroy Jun 08, 2011
Back should be at least 12 inches longer.
Mitch Pchelarov Jun 08, 2011
Reminds me of a Jaguar XF in the back
Jerrod Swenson Jun 08, 2011
I suppose it took most automakers until the late 80s to get rid of hood ornaments which were just fake radiator caps. Some makers still have them.
Matt Lowe Jun 08, 2011
Looks great. The front and side look Aston Martin Rapide. The sides and back like the Jaguar XJ
George Rust Jun 08, 2011
For one, most of the grill is fake and keeps it looking like a car. Second, electric motors and batteries get HOT when discharging and need cooling as well.
Nicolas Pons Jun 08, 2011
It's a very nice car, but I don't agree with electric
Avery Doyal Jun 08, 2011
Nice way to look at this car
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
Haha I agree with Tom. This thing is too good looking to be electric.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 08, 2011
I still have no idea why there is a grill on an electric car.
Cam Dally Jun 08, 2011
Looks like a Aston jag and citron had a baby
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jun 08, 2011
Looks like a masarati, hyndai, and ford fiesta to me
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
Me too! Put an engine in it and we're in business!
Sebastian Grey Jun 08, 2011
It has Jaguar XF written all over it.
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
And why the grille? It's an EV. Lol
Jesse Ward Jun 08, 2011
Why the motion blur? It's sitting still haha.
Elton Meraj Jun 08, 2011
Beautifull car but why couldnt they put their own wheels but they fitted Mercedes wheels???
Kyle Anderson Jun 08, 2011
It's got strange bodylines in the rear, they're all pushed together
Jonathan Harper Jun 08, 2011
It looks off from this angle, like a panamera/rapide that came out wrong
Todd Randall Jun 08, 2011
Looks bad from this angle. I think it should come in only one color... Black
Peter Bruschi Jun 08, 2011
it rips off like everything haha...
Dale Fredriks Jun 08, 2011
Hate to say it, but Jag/Mazda ripoff to me.
Vincent Wouters Jun 08, 2011
Jaguar / lexus rip off in my opinion:/
Tim Calabro Jun 08, 2011
Looked good when Jaguar released this years ago as an XF.
Michael Palazzo Jun 08, 2011
its defiantly an interesting car, but tesla sued top gear!
Peter Bruschi Jun 08, 2011
yep deff c rx8 i this thing
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
I do love those lights..