Comments - Nissan Juke Gets Tuned

Published: Jun 08, 2011
Description: Japanese tuner Impul has given its tuned rendition to the Nissan Juke. The new tuning kit offers a completely new grille, side skirts and a different rear spoiler. There is no significant change under...
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Michael Jawnzski Taunton Jun 09, 2011
Tune like a ford escort rs cosworth hatchback or something. That'd be better than any Nissan crossover
Chris Penza Jun 08, 2011
There was a typo. It's supposed to say Nissan joke not juke
Ken Madison Jun 08, 2011
Wow. 200 Hp. Amazing.
Raymond Reynoso Jun 09, 2011
This shit looks like a road buggy. Nasty
Michael Jawnzski Taunton Jun 09, 2011
This angle makes it look like those fat Buddha statues withe big chin
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
Hahah nice. Yeah they are like 23 grand fully loaded with AWD. That's a freakin steal. Can't argue with 27/32 mpgs.
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
Yeah Richard for real. I actually talked my fiance into liking them and she's pondering getting one. They get such good mpgs. It'd be either a Juke, GMC Terrain, or Acura RDX.
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
I like it too. Saw one yesterday on my campus and they are really neat. Different, but in a good way. I wanna drive one especially in the snow.
Ken Madison Jun 08, 2011
The Aztec isn't a bad car. This is.
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 08, 2011
I'm scared of driving one and getting a ticket for "visual contamination"
Devin Muhlestein Jun 08, 2011
I love the Juke! ...not loving this tuning however.
Duncan Jolley Jun 08, 2011
Still looks like a cartoon.
David Bright Jun 08, 2011
Not stoked on the front, but the profile looks good
Michael Palazzo Jun 08, 2011
cool rims, hideous everything else.
Adam Zarytsky Jun 08, 2011
People still hating... Sure there's better looking performance cars but vs. The countryman or outlander sport I would take the "puke"
Patrick Schalk Jun 08, 2011
Yeah looks better from the factory. This looks like sack.
Peter Bruschi Jun 08, 2011
didnt nissan ever hear about the pontiac aztec disaster? morons still decided to make a car tht looks like an aztec on weight watchers...the nissan puke cudnt get any worse... watch them mod the even uglier brother nissan pube (cube lol)
Sam C-h Jun 08, 2011
Even more stupid than the normal Duke, and that's saying something, yet I like it, but I hate the normal one. They could have done a bit more engine wise though.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jun 08, 2011
I'd buy it for the looks then add the performance myself
Tom Franquelli Jun 08, 2011
Yeah I don't hate it. I wish it was a little lower. This tuning package blows though...
Spencer Peirce Jun 08, 2011
This is ridiculous! And bitchin as hell! I would most definitely ride around in this thing. The juke is an odd car anyway, especially to tune, and they pulled this off. It's outrageous!
Dale Fredriks Jun 08, 2011
That looks freaking awful! I wouldn't be caught dead even looking at it.
Joey Pena Jun 08, 2011
Lipstick on a pig... a very ugly pig at that
Taylor Wise Jun 08, 2011
I like the Juke except for the headlights
Brett Powers Jun 08, 2011
Not even in the slightest.
Tyson Broadbent Jun 08, 2011
I kind of like the juke, it has a strange appeal to it. Anyone else?
Description: The car rides on a set of 19-inch Aura Pulse Racing SR-08 wheels. The car's standard muffle has been replaced with a louder unit made from stainless steel. No pricing details have been released.
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Adam Zarytsky Jun 08, 2011
Fart tube? It's pretty quiet actually... I hate fart cannons but I wish it were a tad louder
Ken Madison Jun 08, 2011
True Asian car format, horrible engine and power, mated to an extremely annoying fart tube. Must do the 1/4 in 10 seconds, an be pushing 450 horses.
Andy Kleschick Jun 08, 2011
Yeah, the muffle alone should add about 50 horses.
Zach V. Romano Jul 15, 2011
You know the old saying "you can only polish a turd so much" well.... This is just one of those turds that no matter what you do, it's just not going to look any better than just a turd.
Zach Pate Jun 09, 2011
I personally think it looks bad ass
Lukas Lebs Jun 08, 2011
Great job making an ugly car to look even worse
Scott Lenahan Jun 08, 2011
@jorge ya thanks thats what i was looking for
David Bright Jun 08, 2011
Definitely bolted on some rice there
Michael Palazzo Jun 08, 2011
aw yeah look at that nismo! jk it looks like a ricer piece of Crap.
Adam Zarytsky Jun 08, 2011
The wing you can get as a factory option actually makes it look good... This... Yikes
Sam C-h Jun 08, 2011
O...k... That's quite an... Overdone, shall we say, spoiler. But then again did any of you see the spoiler in the Dacia Pikes Peak article? I know that one is necessary but still.
Spencer Peirce Jun 08, 2011
Although, that's a little much.
Dale Fredriks Jun 08, 2011
They just bolted a Nismo spoiler on the back of a Juke. NO!!!!!
Kevin Watson Jun 08, 2011
If they take off just the top of that spoiler, maybe it would look..... No it won't sorry .
Scott Lenahan Jun 08, 2011
that spoiler is........ idk i cant even find a word..