Comments - Astra GTC Unveiled

Published: Jun 07, 2011
Description: It may have been a long time coming, but Opel/Vauxhall has finally unveiled their answer to the Volkswagen Scirocco, the Astra GTC. It is noticeably lower and wider than the five-door Astra, and t...
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Mike Hawk Jun 09, 2011
There isn't a "rebadge" of anything. These GM vehicles simply share a platform and the regional marketing teams assign the badges. "rebadging" refers to 2 different car makers, ie Subaru & Toyota with the FT86
Spencer Peirce Jun 07, 2011
Correct me if im wrong but in Europe, astras are kind of in the 'boy racer' category. A larger engine means high insurance premiums. Keeping it small leaves room for them to add on. It's not even in the charger category. That's serious power.
Tom Franquelli Jun 07, 2011
Drew what's wrong with you? Police interceptors are actually pretty badass cars. Yeah they're massive, but still. Who doesn't want to say they tuned a cop car??
Adam Sampson Jun 07, 2011
It's a bit sad when a diesel is the second most powerful motor in a four engine line up on what's supposed to be a sporty car. I know it's a sensible choice, but if your sensible buy a scirocco.
Trevor Brown Jun 07, 2011
I like everything except that giant Mazda grill.
Ian Richard Hendry Jun 08, 2011
Agreed Ian. The GTC is just the name given to the 3-door hatch, that's all.
Justin Tan Jun 07, 2011
This car is cool. It's nice looking. Cool.
Andy Kleschick Jun 07, 2011
What I meant is that for it's looks to me, it just looks like it should have something more aggressive under the hood. But yeah, I agree with you
Andy Kleschick Jun 07, 2011
Good car on the outside. Too bad Opel couldn't have done better with the engine.
Todd Randall Jun 07, 2011
Gorgeous!!! Plz bring it here
Trevor Brown Jun 07, 2011
If they could make it as good as the new Sonic, I'm sure it would sell.
Andy Kleschick Jun 07, 2011
I have a personal bias against Buick, and chevy a little bit Ian, but it probably would do ok. My guess is as a hatchback, this would be chevy or buicks way to rival the new focus, if they made it in a small to midsize sedan version too.
Stephen Ishard Jun 07, 2011
It looks so similar to the focus
Zach Pate Jun 07, 2011
I'd drive it if they had a better engine in it.
Shane Weinstock Jun 07, 2011
The side panels are starting to look to me how the new bucks look.
Scott Lenahan Jun 07, 2011
ya a lot of people are giving it crap.. maybe the engine isnt the best but the car's design is awesome...
Taylor Holloway Jun 08, 2011
Wish it came with the hot girl standin there. She's fine
Patrick Schalk Jun 07, 2011
I like it but I'd still buy a Scirocco
Peter Bruschi Jun 07, 2011
reminds me of the mazda 3... not a bad thing tho
Trevor Brown Jun 07, 2011
The back looks great.
Jason Dannheim Jun 07, 2011
Why is it that all the Opel center stacks look like that?? Have they heard of 'ergonomics'?
Rueben J Yslas Jun 07, 2011
I like the girl more than the car Too many buttons
Kevin Watson Jun 07, 2011
If you slide all those aviator buttons down to her hand, what do it look like? I give a hint. P.P.