Comments - Volkswagens Transporter Sportline Van Launched

Published: Jun 04, 2011
Description: Vans are not exactly what you call sleek and sexy. And while the sport van is nothing new, Volkswagen has just released official pictures and details of their British-only Transporter Sportline. Featu...
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Description: Three body colors are offered: silver, black (as shown in these pictures), or white with a gloss-black roof. Inside, the interior has two-tone leather, a nav unit with a seven-inch touch screen, rear ...
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Francis Edward Ayala Jun 06, 2011
Engine's too small for a van..
Shane Carroll Jun 04, 2011
I think I'd rather have the Jag XK220 van Top Gear had. Thing was bad.
Description: The Sportline is available in either short or long-wheelbase versions along with panel or passenger "kombi" bodywork. Converting to U.S. pricing at current exchange rates, the short-wheel ba...
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Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
So what's it cost in € or £? That would be closer to the real US price if you just put a $ in front of the number instead
Pharoah Ankhsunaten Jun 06, 2011
Well, as an everyday consumer....I wouldn't touch it. Now if I owned an AC repair company and needed some work vans, these would be pretty bad-ass. Lol
Sebastien Leonard Jun 04, 2011
This car will never look pretty and the people that would buy it our prostitues and out of date hippys
Jonathan Harper Jun 04, 2011
Rithhin, you don't buy a van to go fast. Ten seconds bad at all for something this size, especially with the lame engine
Shane Carroll Jun 04, 2011
Looks pretty good. For a van.
Rithhin Jawahar Sceptic Jun 04, 2011
Not bad?? That doesn't make it any better!! I'm sorry but 10+seconds is too slow!!
Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
Not bad for a van. But it's still a van