Comments - Nissan Leaf To Take On Pike's Peak

Published: Jun 03, 2011
Description: Nissan has recently announced that the Leaf EV will be competing in the 89th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26th. The Japanese automaker states that it will compete in the Production Clas...
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Anthony Minicozzi May 20, 2012
you guys dont realize how torquy these electric engines are. great contestant
Reade Shand Jun 08, 2011
Love the idea of full electric, great work Nissan taking a chance, only issue is the 'lease' of the battery pack - this is holding the Leaf back!
Jethroll Sarduy Jun 04, 2011
What a joke, what is Nissan trying to prove here?
Chris Dimattia Jun 04, 2011
Didn't know they had electrical outlets on Pikes Peak. Can the thing drive home, or back down the mountain for that matter. Zero emissions! These things are the biggest scam ever. Electricity comes from coal!
Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
So what are they going to do to make the Leaf compete? Make a Titan racer, put in some electric motor, slap a specials badge on it, and call it a Leaf? That's the only way I see it competing
Paul Affolter Jun 03, 2011
Still laughing 9 hours later
Shane Carroll Jun 03, 2011
I would love it if it got halfway up it just started rolling down backwards
Adam Zarytsky Jun 03, 2011
I agree David. It's hilarious that everybody thinks you need some massive 4x4 to do the climb
Trevor Brown Jun 03, 2011
Haha this should be funny. Even if it can make it up the hill, it will have to stop half way for a few hours to recharge.
Patrick Schalk Jun 03, 2011
Haha the only changes to the car will be the gas motor replacing the factory electric one so that it may achieve the task of climbing up the hill. (That's what it should say)
Paul Affolter Jun 03, 2011
I'm still laughing 10 minutes later by the thought of this
Sam C-h Jun 03, 2011
Haha that car will not beat the hill climb, my VW Sharan has more chance!
Shane Carroll Jun 03, 2011
Ooh, THIS'll be exciting to watch
Description: Everything else remains the same, specifically the lithium-ion battery pack and the 80 kW AC synchronous motor that produces 107hp and 207 lb-ft of torque. Don't be mistaken, this not the Nissan ...
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Andy Rogers Jun 04, 2011
Is it even going to make it up the first small hill?
Robert Neel Jun 03, 2011
However they may bring more of the "not quite convinced" market like me.