Comments - Aston Martin Teams With colette to Create Cygnet

Published: Jun 29, 2011
Description: Aston Martin has joined forces with French fashion house colette to design the Aston Martin Cygnet & colette limited edition. It will feature Lightning Silver paint along with race-inspired colett...
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Owen Cornell Feb 15, 2012
The only reason people would buy this car is so when your at a party and someone sakes what car your driving you can say a aston Martin
Owen Cornell Feb 13, 2012
I'm ashamed that you would actually do this Aston Martin you just destroyed your reputation
Tanton Stoneman Jul 02, 2011
This car is an expensive embarrassment to Aston. But we would say the same stuff if there was a pagani based on a fiat panda right?
Ryan Kells Sep 22, 2011
Pathetic. If you what an iq, bye the scion version.
Tariq Haddad Jul 05, 2011
Aston Martin is a great car company but this price for this blob makes no sense who would pay 30 grands for this 11.8 mph car?
Dirk Austin Greer Jul 02, 2011
This car is an absolute waste of resources. All the production time, materials, design time, etc. could have went into something that isn't blasphemous.
Andy Rogers Jun 30, 2011
@Thomas I'll still hate them for it because I know that Pagani gets by regulations with the 700+hp Huayra and nothing else They're getting themselves out of a hole now but digging themselves a worse one
Kevin Budreck Jun 30, 2011
It could be seen as an expensive take on a practical car
Kevin Budreck Jun 30, 2011
I know it seems that this car is going against everything that Aston is all about but these compact cars seem to be very popular in europe. Think fiat cause they've been doing well and they make only compact cars. So while we may think it's very ugly
Tim Ginta Jun 29, 2011
imagine this in the next bond movie..lmao
Shane Carroll Jun 29, 2011
Oh, I've been aware of its existance for quite some time, I just don't like to acknowledge that it exists. What it is, is a Toyota iQ for a couple grand more
Sebastian Grey Jun 29, 2011
So that's about 5/7 of the first commenters who were not aware that this car has been out for almost a year. Clearly Aston Martin is trying to hide it and just made it for emission regulations, thank god.
Mitch Peach Jun 29, 2011
This is all a hilarious joke right?
Kyle Anderson Jun 29, 2011
Why would you even emberass your company by even thinking about making this?
Thomas Vorholt Jun 29, 2011
I give myself consolation knowing that one day we'll look back and laugh at this car, but be grateful that Aston survived the EU regs cause of it.
Joey Pena Jun 29, 2011
Aston is my favorite brand. This is a sacrilege and a crime.
Tyler Ohlheiser Jun 29, 2011
It's like an Aston smart car... So ugly
Shane Carroll Jun 29, 2011
This, is not an Aston
Description: The interior is fitted in quilted leather stainless-steel doors and seat inserts, quilted colette blue leather cushions for the rear seats, and quilted Alcantara sun visors with the Cygnet and colette...
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Andy Rogers Jun 30, 2011
Even though $70k is a literal translation and actually wouldn't cost that, it's still a rip off For $50k or so I'll get a Boss 302 Mustang or a GT500 or Camaro ZL1 or BMW M3 or just about anything else really
Michael Palazzo Jun 29, 2011
ya this car is practical in Europe size wise, but it costs too much.
Konhee Chang Jun 29, 2011
Aston actually meant to sell this b/c it would bring in some money, which is highly needed to develop next generation db9 and vantages. They don't sell it in the US b/c, as you guys mentioned, it's ridiculous to drive one in the roads of US.
Peter O'Sullivan Jun 29, 2011
See, I don't think this makes sense from an American perspective because your roads are fairly wide and straight. I for one would much rather drive this around the twisty, narrow streets in London, than a full size DB9. I'd use that as my weekend car
Adam Page Jun 29, 2011
If I see some one driving this I will follow them and when they stop I will get out and flip their car over... Idiots...
Shane Carroll Jun 29, 2011
That makes as much sense as anything Tomas. After all, they were forced to make this thing, they could care less what happens to it
Thomas Vorholt Jun 29, 2011
I think they did it so that they WONT sell any on purpose. They'll wait these stupid eu regs out an throw it away in a few years :)
Michael Palazzo Jun 29, 2011
Used Z06 or CTS-V, I'm proud to be an American.
Patrick Schalk Jun 29, 2011
I'll have a Caddy CTS-V
Morgan Dame Jun 29, 2011
I'll just shell out another $2000 and pick up a cls
Brad Hickey Jun 29, 2011
70 grand... For a leather adorned lunchbox with stripes on the box...
Robert Terravecchia Jun 29, 2011
At least it's a 2 door. Lol
Shane Carroll Jun 29, 2011
I wonder if the hazelnuts come with it...
Kevin Budreck Jun 30, 2011
No compact car is worth that kind of money unless it could at least get to 180 mph with good handling
Weston Caloyer Jun 29, 2011
It was definitely made for a hollywood actress who dosnt want a smart car or pries. I can see Cameron Diaz in one of these