Comments - Rumor: Next MINI Hatchback May Offer Five-Doors

Published: Jun 27, 2011
Description: And they just keep on coming. According to some recent rumors, MINI is planning to launch a five-door version of their next generation hatchback. The new hatch will resemble the current Clubman, excep...
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Shane Carroll Jun 27, 2011
Suicide doors became popular in the 30s because when mobsters needed to dump a body, they'd put on suicide doors so they can throw out a body easier.
Patrick Kennedy Jun 27, 2011
Instead of going bigger, why not go smaller and bring back something like the old MINI
Spencer Peirce Jun 27, 2011
Hell yeah to suicide doors. I think thats pretty damn smart actually.
Bryan Thomsen Jun 27, 2011
Doubt they ever will. It's a MINI signature design
Description: The five-door hatch would weight about an additional 100lbs and raise the car's price tag, but it also gives the hatch more room to compete with bigger cars in certain markets. The next MINI will...
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