Description: Mark Higgins has a good reason to celebrate. The English rally driver set a new world record in the Isle of Man after he ran the very difficult TT Circuit with a WRX STI. The record lap occurred on th...
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Humza Husain Jun 26, 2011
They really need to update the front fascia on the WRZ STI. It's getting old, and honestly uglier by the day (compared to its competition).
Kenneth Williams Jun 26, 2011
I wish they would try to compete with GT5 and add more stuff. Rally, customizations, graphics, cars, tracks Ect... I'm getting bored with forza. Contemplating buying a ps3 just for GT5.
Chris Penza Jun 26, 2011
Sebastian is the track/car list out yet?
Sebastian Grey Jun 26, 2011
I wish Turn10 would make the Isle of Man circuit in the new Forza.
Description: And Mark was able to give us a firsthand perspective on just how close he came to missing the record on the second run due to the additional weight of having a passenger. According to Mark, "On o...
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Description: The whole thing went by so quickly that we never slowed below 110 mph and then we were back on the power. It was amazing and the helicopter shots really show just how hairy it really was." So, th...
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Sebastian Grey Jun 28, 2011
That's bullocks. Its not U.S. spec, it has a roll cage and racing seats and who knows what else.
Tom Ace Jun 27, 2011
So does this mean that u can still drive amazingly and break records without a stupid flappy paddle? I think so!
Joey Pena Jun 27, 2011
that dude has some brass balls...
Jordan Waldbauer Jun 26, 2011
Love the sound of that
Matt Drum Jun 26, 2011
it means for the win
Daniel Lay Jun 26, 2011
Subaru ftw. My fav Japanese brand by far
Kenneth Williams Jun 26, 2011
Above 110 the whole race. So much win. I've seen bikes run the course but not cars.
Phillip Fitchew Jun 26, 2011
That exhaust heavenly...!
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 26, 2011
Awesome save! What's the record for any car on the track? I love watching the super bikes run it.
Ryan Chamberlain Jun 26, 2011
wow u have to watch this. that guy can DRIVE.. that's insane
Kevin Callejas Jun 26, 2011
God I would love to get a Subaru and do that course
Anthony Surdo Jun 26, 2011
Man I wish I could sit shotgun when he was doing that
Jordan Waldbauer Jun 26, 2011
I'm glad I got myself one of these cars
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2011
I agree Matt. The STi hatches are freakin sweet
Matt Drum Jun 26, 2011
sti all the way, just cuz subarus are really reliable, and the interior is better. also, id take the hatchback. sacrifice performance for looks.
Daniel Lay Jun 26, 2011
Sti over evo but the evo is a great car.
Kenneth Williams Jun 26, 2011
Evo X, Evo 8, then 07 STI
Vincent Butler Jun 26, 2011
Hard choice to pick. Both cars are just amazing. But my all time favorite is 06 Evo 8 love that car
Mike Lanza Jun 26, 2011
Evo for the track, STi for a daily driver. Both would be ideal
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2011
I'd take an STi first. But I'd be happy with either. This coming from a muscle car guy. I love STis.
Danny Alvarado Jun 26, 2011
They look much better in person