Comments - Video: World Record Drift at the Mercedes-Benz World

Published: Jun 25, 2011
Description: Mercedes driver Mauro Calo shattered the world record for drifting at the Mercedes Benz World on June 19th. Driving a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, a car known for its power and agressive exhaust note, Calo ...
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Alex Medvedev Jun 01, 2012
Kent block will beat it no problem drifting in a circle pff
Chris Penza Jun 26, 2011
I don't think block can beat this, gymkhana is stunt drifting not distance
Henry Wertz Jun 25, 2011
Not to be a smartass or anything, but disabling the front differential on my car would turn it into no wheel drive.
Morgan Dame Jun 25, 2011
No he couldnt he drifts in 4 wheel drive cars
Tom Franquelli Jun 25, 2011
Holy shit that is breaking a record. Haha
Sam C-h Jun 25, 2011
Talk about annihilating the old record.
Ryan Goodwin Jun 26, 2011
I love this angle on stock cars, especially AMG's for the fact of how much camber is on the front wheels and how amazing it looks, plus the smoke pouring off the back tires
Kenneth Williams Jun 25, 2011
Never can be too much torque
Description: A section of Mercedes' Handling Circuit track provided him with a perfect 360 degree course to set his world record. After being enshrined in the Guinness Book of World Records, Calo stated he wo...
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Peter Giann Jul 08, 2013
people saying Asian cars will do better, to set a record for drifting the car has to b stock and for an Asian car to b stock beating this drift is the chances are very low and only a 4 cylinder
Peter Giann Jul 08, 2013
Japanese created it AMG perfected it ;)
JGL Scuderia Mar 04, 2012
what about italy. theyve made some nice stuff
William Lambeth Sep 30, 2011
The people who think the Japanese better, suck...AMG's are the best cars ever made!the Germans are the best at making cars...the made the buggati veyron
Michelle Suttle Jul 08, 2011
Please......put it on a track (proper - i.e. Nürburgring) ///MPower
Caleb Lochridge Jun 28, 2011
I don't know why there are so many haters! He just shattered a world record. Why are there even comments on how so many ppl can do better? I gotta give the guy props, it's difficult to hold your line, let alone for almost 1.5 miles
Kevin Callejas Jun 26, 2011
Sound coming out the exhaust is incredible
Mohd Shafiq Jun 26, 2011
i saw a mercedes benz sl gullwing in the background....the old sls...
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 26, 2011
Another reason why I love Mercedes Benz and will continue to drive my Mercedes for many years to come.
Dale Fredriks Jun 26, 2011
That just made me smile.
Jorge Martins Jun 25, 2011
Japan has more to offer.
Chris-topher Urdas Jun 25, 2011
It's ashamed that Japan didn't get the title.Even though their the one who created the world drifting ToT
Westly Burgos Jun 25, 2011
That was just barely more interesting than NASCAR. I agree with the other guy, drifting in Japan is WAY more interesting and technical. Good job for setting a record but should have an asterisks next to it.
Owen Fowler Jun 25, 2011
So a jap can do that plus more eh? How come one hasn't stepped up?
Sebastian Grey Jun 25, 2011
SLS AMG rushed past in the background in the first 3 seconds of the clip.
Sebastian Grey Jun 25, 2011
Japanese ricer drifty wheels couldn't handle that many Gs and that much friction for such a sustained period.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Jun 25, 2011
Guarantee anyone 2 things, 1 that any Japanese drifter could do that PLUS more, and 2, they'll get rid of that car after that because the engine isn't the same, or it's not worth it to repair
Morgan Dame Jun 25, 2011
AMG power is where it's at
Matt Robbins Jun 25, 2011
Yea you're right Japanese drifting has nothing on this prolonged donut They actually have to navigate around things instead of one big circle. This shouldn't count IMO, I know how difficult it must have been to do a donut that long but still, come on
Description: One example he mentioned was breaking the world blindfold speed record currently set at 182.03mph set by Turkish folk singer Metin Senturk in a Ferrari 430 Scuderia.
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Chris Penza Jun 26, 2011
A veyron will have that record. It won't be much harder keeping it from turning whether you can see or not
Kevin Rehbock Jun 26, 2011
I'm sure some Arizona drivers could break that record, Eugene. I've seen people do almost everything behind the wheel.
Tyson Broadbent Jun 26, 2011
@Eugene Not at the same time I hope!
Matt Wright Jun 25, 2011
How does that not seem smart to me?
Andrew Mullin Jun 25, 2011
Turkish folk singer? I think i found my new carreer!